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  1. LongArm

    WTS: Geissele Super Precision Cantilever Mount with Integral 34mm Rings , 0moa

    I have for sale a like New Super Precision Cantilever Mount with 34mm Integral Rings. 0 mpa cant $250 shipped conus
  2. LongArm

    Data Card Holder

    Here is a video explaining the Handy data card holder and another video with a demo of the Handy in use. HDC Gear Handy data card holder Handy demonstration. Here is a picture below of the gen one for reference. The gen two is shorter and narrower, light and more flexible.
  3. LongArm

    What powder closely matches Hornady's 308 168ELD-M load

    What powder closely matches Hornady's 308 168ELD-M load. I'm trying to mimic the load. I have varget and IMR 4064 on hand. The factory ammo is running 2800 out of my 26.5" (1/10 twist) bartlien barrel.
  4. LongArm

    thoughts on putting 1 scope ring on forearm=effecting accuracy

    I am about to build a lr308. I do not want to use a cheek riser or a extendable stock like the prs. I will be running a bushnell elite 3.5-21x50. The last time I looked at doing this I needed a forward extended one piece mount to stay on the reciever and keep from getting on the forearm Still...
  5. LongArm

    new ar15 critierion barrel issue

    I just got a new ar15 mid length gas system 16" barrel. After shooting it I notices that my practice ammo shot find and looked good after being shot. when I shoot my duty ammo 60grain hornady the brass had a large swell near the bottom of the case. I have never noticed this in any other barrels...
  6. LongArm

    SSA 260 brass

    How does the SSA 260 brass compare to other brass such as reminton or lapua.
  7. LongArm

    Will a Surgeon bolt knob fit on a defiance deviant bolt handle???

    Will a Surgeon bolt knob fit on a defiance deviant bolt handle??? I need/want a longer more aggressive bolt handle. Has anyone tried this?
  8. LongArm

    rhineland arms / troop systems shady business

    on July 12th I payed for a leopard stock for my left handed MKII to the tune of $152.00. I then emailed them about their remington 700 stocks. I have emailed them a couple times a month asking for shipping dates and for a contact number to talk to some one. As of today I do not have a stock or...
  9. LongArm

    prefit barrel for savage, lothar walthar or shillen carbon?

    I am helping build a rifle (savage) for my son to start shooting long rang competitions with me. I need a Savage prefit barrel. I have found a lothar walthar and a shillen chromoly blued barrel in stock. I like the LW but its 28" long and I wanted to finish it around 24". Does anyone have any...
  10. LongArm

    shooting positions w/ rock solid stock

    For anyone who runs a RockSolid stock, how do you shoot different positions? I find the rear sling mount to be in an odd area. It have not found a comfortable position to hold the rifle due to the placement of the rear sling loop on the stock. I am sure I am doing something wrong. If y'all...
  11. LongArm

    annual maintenance program for police dept. needed

    Like the title says I am looking for policy/s.o.p. for my department. We are trying to start a annual maintenance program for our patrol (AR15) rifles. I can verify my employment if needed. In I do not want to reinvent the wheel. There are a lot of dept's already doing this. If someone here...
  12. LongArm

    Gas key bottoming out on gas tube on a rainier barrel

    I just installed a rainier select match barrel in mid length on my lr308. The gas tube is the same one I used with my factory barrel and so is the bolt. With the bolt out the gas tube is bottoming out inside the gas key. What is the actual length of the gas tube from beginning to end. i think...
  13. LongArm

    adjustable titanium gas block from Mike's Gun Sales & Service/Jet suppressors

    Has anyone used an adjustable titanium gas block from Mike's Gun Sales & Service/Jet suppressors? I need one in .875" for a new 308 build. thanks
  14. LongArm

    LR308 w/UBR stock and HDMR scope?

    I have a LR308 w/ a UBR stock on it. From the pictures I have seen every Bushnell HDMR looks to pushed all the way forward on the receiver. The LR308/AR10's usually have PRS or A2 stocks on them I like the ubr and run it closed. My concern is that the HDMR will need be to far forward to run a...
  15. LongArm

    ball park speeds of a 140 amax in a 260 rem with a 21" barrel

    Ball park speeds of a 140 Amax in a 260 rem with a 21" barrel? I am looking to build a new rifle. I will be shooting out to 1000yrds with a can. I do not want to have to turn the case necks. This will be mainly a mid/long range competition rifle. I would like to be close to 2800 with out pushing...
  16. LongArm

    LR308 paladin adjustable gas block fit under a Apex handguard?

    Will a paladin machine adjustable gas block fit under a rifle length apex hand guard? The gas block will be a .875". "Outside diameter of the tube is 1.970" Inside diameter of the tube is 1.750": AR15 models: .925'' above & .825'' below center of bore AR10/308 models...
  17. LongArm

    DPMS LR308 compatable with AR10 barrel/bolt?

    Here is My question. I have a DPMS LR308 ORC. I just ordered a Lothar walthar barrel (varmint Tactical) with armalite extension (AR10) and a head spaced bolt (AR10). The machinist at LW said that it is ok to run the DPMS BCG with the head spaced AR10 bolt. Does this sound correct? In theory...
  18. LongArm

    LH shooting RH bolt or LR308 in Tac Competition

    I have a question about left handed competition shooting with a RH bolt action or auto loading LR308 or LR260 I am a left handed shooter. I am slotted to shoot in the Bushnell Brawl. Which is better for a lefty in a Tactical match/competition a right handed bolt action (260 Rem) or a short...
  19. LongArm

    Bushnell HDMR H59, VIP Program???

    Where are they? For a while you could find them at different stores. Now they say that they are for Mil/LEO only? Whats the deal. I want one but can't find one. I am currently waiting on Bushnell's LEO/Mil salesman to contact me. Any info or pricing would greatly help. I got a tack driver...
  20. LongArm

    Reloader 17 in a 16" barreled Semi-Auto

    I am looking to get more velocity out of my LR308 it has a 16" barrel and adjustable gas block on it. I am currently running 168 AMax's with 43.5gn of Varget @ 2400fps. This is a very light load. I went all the way to 45.5gns of varget w/o pressure. I did not chono the loads as they did not...