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  1. winniedonkey

    Hornady brass explosion

    Had a similar situation as you. Above is what I learned the hard way and pulled 60. I kept the cases as a reminder.
  2. winniedonkey

    WTS: Athlon Talos BTR 4-14

    Lightly used at the range on a 223. Never left mount. Comes with original box and bikini caps. Might have booklet also. PP F&F for payment. Scope: $265 Mount: $80
  3. winniedonkey

    What did you do in the reloading room today?

    After 5 months away from the table I found out that my memory of what I had going on and my shitty handwritten notes aren't going to cut it. Spending next few days organizing and redoing the workspace. It could be worse, lucky it's all 308 and 223.
  4. winniedonkey

    WTB 308 match brass

    Looking for 120-150 pieces of new, possibly 1x fired 308 match brass. Lapua, Alpha, along those lines.
  5. winniedonkey

    MasterPiece Arms Unveiling A New Chassis

    What is the revolutionary part? Not for me personally but I salt bath anneal. Will somebody much smarter than myself kindly explain what this chassis is offering that others are not. Just very interesting in learning the reasons why behind products. Thnx
  6. winniedonkey

    WTB: Dies for 308 Winchester

    I have a Lee collet die for 308, never used if interested
  7. winniedonkey

    Magnetospeed Bayonet Bullet Strike - delayed problems - PSA

    I have the same Wiser MS mount, no bullet strike however the recoil (223/308) caused the computer to start acting up. Once out of the mount, zero issues. Just a heads up.
  8. winniedonkey

    LRI's latest:

    Boot question but never seen it asked, is a 223 Rem bolt compatible in a 308 Rem action? If so could @LongRifles Inc. make a sexy 2 bolt 1 action rifle?
  9. winniedonkey

    MPA 6.5SL chamber specs

    Have you shot the rifle yet?
  10. winniedonkey

    When You Feel Guilty About Your Scope Purchase....

    I have to admit I am slightly envious of those who's wives are into shooting where buying her a new custom bolt gun would be a serious bedroom nasty night. I however can't and won't complain as she is as supportive as one can be, and even with my new found love of SCUBA (money flies now). She...
  11. winniedonkey

    Burris XTR II

    I have a continuous 20moa rail and use extra tall rings(Burris). Just enough for front scope cap.
  12. winniedonkey

    Roll sized and Fully processed lc 308 Brass.

    Fucking nuts. Thanks for heads up.
  13. winniedonkey

    7mm SAW

    Anybody run the Hornady 150 ELDX yet?
  14. winniedonkey

    7mm SAW

    What's up with the Hornady bullets?