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  1. armorpl8chikn

    Thats' Banana'ses's

    "Shit! The headspace on this rifle is .008🍌. Do you have any idea how dangerous that is!?"
  2. armorpl8chikn

    And They Want to Set the Standards By Which You Live

    I've seen spinals dude, his highness ain't no spinal, he can walk dude.... All of them are one bullet away from perfect.
  3. armorpl8chikn

    Buckle up VA. The attorney general has spoken.

    "Awesome, that sherriff is gonna deputize everyone, so they can keep weapons under the LEO clause." Great? I fucking give up. We don't deserve a BOR.
  4. armorpl8chikn

    Circle of Life or Wild Kingdom Kitchen

    I need Marlin Perkins to help me with my animal lingo. That critter isn't a vole it's a shrew, which I knew, but said the wrong thing.
  5. armorpl8chikn

    Circle of Life or Wild Kingdom Kitchen

    So had a mouse visiting the kitchen, not the first, won't be the last. Had daughter set trap. Didn't see trap this morning, assumed mouse caught, trap pulled, mission accomplished. Never assume a child who won't take care of the cat, or his litter box, has done such due diligence. I'm sitting...
  6. armorpl8chikn

    Survival Movies

    Rescue From Gilligan's Island Available free on Tubi.
  7. armorpl8chikn

    Wolf in Wolfs clothing....

  8. armorpl8chikn

    Wolf in Wolfs clothing....

    ^^^^spot on Lizzy has been spotted kissing the royal Clinton ring in the past. It's all a show. It needs to remain just a show for th sham to work.
  9. armorpl8chikn

    BREAKING: HAZMAT/Possible nuclear incident in residential Columbus OH. 40 homes evacuated.

    5 bucks says he was doing that wood burning shit with microwave parts. Fucking retards. I know a guy who killed himself doing that shit.
  10. armorpl8chikn

    Enemy Yesterday, Friend Today, Enemy or Friend Tomorrow?

    Mess with the bull...get the horns.
  11. armorpl8chikn

    What is considered good offhand accuracy at 100 yds?

    It takes proper form and lots and lots of practice.
  12. armorpl8chikn

    The Pathetic Circus In Full Swing that case, let me be the chipmunk I used to load 80gr SMK for my 300yd stage in High Power. 1:8 was fine, in 20" NM upper. Single load only naturally.
  13. armorpl8chikn

    The Pathetic Circus In Full Swing

    Not the place, but right quick, yes, the 77SMK is just great in 1:8 twist. Horn 75hpbt, Nosler CC 77gr also.
  14. armorpl8chikn

    My thoughts on the Dems.

    Mr Heron, You are trying to hard. Your mask is too perfect.
  15. armorpl8chikn

    When Trudeau isnt in Blackface apparently he wears Redface....

    Sure seem to be a lot of "hot mics" in convenient places here lately. Almost like it's a conspiracy.
  16. armorpl8chikn

    Why was the revolutionary war fought.

    Faster horses, younger women, older whisky, and more money.....
  17. armorpl8chikn

    Why was the revolutionary war fought.

    Tea? ... ..... Dental care products!
  18. armorpl8chikn

    Why was the revolutionary war fought.

    Skavery I mean knavery. I mean slavery.
  19. armorpl8chikn

    Tazewell County Virginia signs order of militia!

    Are y'all gonna let me play the part of a rabid water buffalo, or since you say they'll be playing the Germans, maybe I can play the part of Donny Ray Braswell aka the "Bear Redneck". Beats the brains out of ANTIFA dickholes with a hickory pick axe handle.