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    KYL Racks are gone

    "I deserve because..." = "I'm entitled to, because..." Entitlement attitude = Milenial attitude.
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    KYL Racks are gone

    Personal investment? Everyone is paying the same match fees, staying in the same hotels, shooting the same number of rounds (give or take), and in general have the same travel expenses to shoot a match. Okay, some people will live close enough to some match locations to not incur some expenses...
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    Will PRS have a gas gun division for 2020?

    While I have a 6.5 Grendel that is one hell of a lot of fun to shoot in a match, I've got a 22 grendel barrel in the mail that I'm hoping will shred the 6.5 in drop and drift. JBM says it should. My 6.5 creedmoor bolt gun might not get out of the safe this coming year. Time will tell...
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    What features would be nice for a PRS competition shirt/hoodie?

    One pocket for kleenex. One pocket for desitin. Other than that, I got nothing...
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    KYL Racks are gone

    10 targets numbered from largest to smallest. Target 1 is worth 1 point and is the largest. Target 10 is worth 10 points and is the smallest. One shot, call your target. THAT is a know your limits stage.
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    limited No Dye

    There is part of me that wants to see an "Island of forgotten toys" version of this bipod...
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    Boyds Comb Height Question

    Don't overlook the foam pad/duck tape approach to stock check piece adjustment. It's ugly but effective...
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    How to rebut this?

    There are no socialists. They’re all commies.
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    limited No Dye

    No dye. It’s not black anodized. It’s “clear anodized.” The Al comes out of anodizing whatever color it comes out.
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    Gearing Up Before a Ban

    There is no guarantee that a ban will come with a grandfather clause. Without that clause you might as well be lighting cash on fire.
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    A little YouTube fame is needed I think

    Restraint or poor shooting? I have my suspicions...
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    Players Gonna Game aka: babies gonna cry

    And none of them are in here complaining about unfair stage design or rules. I read about a guy on here a while back- and I'm going to mangle the actual anecdote- that, For whatever reason, could not get on his rifle, on the prop, as strictly described in the stage brief. It said something like...
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    We need more like him

    Republicans had the House, the Senate, and the presidency, and still the HPA was DOA.
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    Players Gonna Game aka: babies gonna cry

    If it had a handicap placard, could it be used on "NO TRIPODS!!!" stages?
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    Aero M4E1 upper receiver

    I've got one waiting on a barrel in the mail. I usually True the receiver face on standard uppers, but the "face" of this one is hidden down below where the handguard attaches. And, the truing bar I have is too thick to work (that's never been the case before :oops::ROFLMAO:). So, have you built...
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    Need advice, Miss Manners

    This is a friend of yours? Public land? Private land owned by a mutual buddy? Lease? If the land is public land you are probably SOL. Although, depending on your state, you may be able to report him for harassment while hunting...;) If the land is owned by the guy, you are SOL. If you are...
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    Hard time spending $$$ on something you’ve yet to need

    This is not a problem. With the expense of quality range finders, I will gladly let the MD tell me the range to target. And while hunting, if my Nikon Prostaff can't give me a range, it is way too far anyway.
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    Jp enterprises silent capture spring

    I have a couple of rifles with them, and a few without them. My quietest rifle has a standard spring. But, I like the SCS overall more than the standard set up. I hate that the scs falls out of the shotgunned rifle without the buffer retainer. It is not mandatory that you remove the buffer...
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    BEWARE Chi Com fakes even in the box store!!!

    Rest easy. I've got it on good authority that Halil is legit.
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    No fool like an old fool

    You don't need to be old to have a grey beard. At least that's what I tell myself...