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    What did you do in the reloading room today?

    Didn’t use enough lube! First stuck case in thousands of rounds. Luckily my last ditch effort worked...
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    Bushnell XRS II 4.5-30 G3 reticle with AAD caps

    Two XRS II non-illuminated G3 reticle for sale, black and FDE. Used but in great condition. Both come with AAD caps. $1600 shipped and insured each.
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    Your Thoughts Needed, Prime Ammo 2020

    I like the idea. But can Prime help me deal with the THOUSANDS of pieces of once fired brass I’m going to have if I go all in and give up reloading? Maybe develop a re-manufactured offering and a program where we get X cents off per round on our next order for sending back our once fired brass?
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    New Prime 115gr 6 Creedmoor

    That too lol
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    New Prime 115gr 6 Creedmoor

    Sell the brass. And my time might be worth more than yours...
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    SPRM² - Scope Mount Installation Tutorial

    You didn’t explain how having all the screws on top prevents 5 mounting surfaces per ring. Can you explain that?We’re assuming that’s the reason they are on the bottom.
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    SPRM² - Scope Mount Installation Tutorial

    The issue is having to take the mount off again after leveling the scope. That’s extra work compared to any other mount. I’m lazy and won’t buy one of your mounts, despite the name, because of that extra work.
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    Introducing the AI Obsession Chassis

    I have multiple ATs I’m waiting on your chassis for and I don’t care about running a 16” barrel.
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    New Prime 115gr 6 Creedmoor

    Satterlee just posted a video showing an SD of 6.6 over 5 shots. Don’t know how repeatable that is, but that’s give up reloading and shoot factory ammo low.
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    AI AT and AICS AT Stock Compatibility

    It’s not solid. You can convert non-folders. And to the OP, I believe the hinge on the AICS would work, but that’s just from looking at it. Not from doing it myself. So take it for what it’s worth...
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    Feeling the need for a 6.5 Creed...moor. Recommendations please.

    Good timing. APO has a great deal right now on R700 in 6.5 Creedmoor in one of their Chassis. Just might want to change out the stock:
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    APO Saber M700 sale

    Yeah these are a smoking deal...
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    Christensen Modern Precision Rifle

    What scope/rings? 300 PRC out of a light rifle like this produces a lot of recoil. And scopes do slip. Perhaps double check torque or try rosin. Can you have another experienced shooter shoot it?
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    Bad Rifles - Correction

    My thinking as well...
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    Accuracy International AXMC for sale

    Well that’s a fucking deal
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    Christensen Modern Precision Rifle

    Yeah, he was about 10-15 yards into the stubble when I hit him and he ran up and to the right another 20 before falling over. I like it a lot, but I’ve been shooting pistol grip chassis for years. So I’m biased. I don’t wrap my thumb and just leave it relaxed on the outside of the grip.
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    Christensen Modern Precision Rifle

    He is, but I doubt the resolution is good enough to spot him. Good eye, this northern Idaho, in Nez Perce county.
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    Christensen Modern Precision Rifle

    Accuracy has been great. Consistently 0.75-.05 MOA.
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    Christensen Modern Precision Rifle

    Shot a nice 5 point whitetail yesterday with my 6.5 PRC using 147 Match at 420 yards. Bullet turned his lungs into mush and stopped inside the hide trying to exit. Very happy with the rifle.