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    Best .223 Precision Semi Auto brass

    What brass are people using in their ARs to achieve better than 1/2 accuracy? I dont mind trimming, chamfering, deburring, and uniforming primer pockets, but i dont want to bothet with neck turning or weight sorting if I dont have to. I have 500 pieces of prepped Lake City #17 brass that...
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    Anyone else have trouble getting a X-Calibur 6.5CM Shorty Barrel to shoot?

    Have a new gun built on a Trued R700 action with an X-Calibur Remage 16" barrel. I have done all my shooting suppressed. I love the idea of a short 6.5CM. In NH, I rarely get the chance to shoot beyond 500 yards and occasionally will get out to 900, so the shorter barrel isn't restrictive...
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    Anyone selling a P320 X5 Legion?

    Looking to see if anyone had a x5 legion they are selling. Drop me a PM!
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    WTB Hornady 225gr ELDM

    Anyone have some they want to sell?
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    WTB KRG Forend w. Night Vision Rail

    Before I buy a new one, does anyone have one they want to sell or swap plus cash for the one on my KRG Bravo?
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    Short Barrel 6.5CM Powder?

    I just got a 16" 6.5CM bolt gun put together. I was using H4350 for other 6.5CM and 260Rem builds, but they had 22" barrels. Should I stick with H4350, look at Varget, or try something else? Barrel has a 1:8 twist and I plan on shooting bullets weighing between 120 and 130 grains.
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    I just ordered these from Midway and then found out my shooting buddy is giving me his already setup for a dillon 650. I havent even opened the package yet. Its the die set, FL resizer with carbide mandril, neck resizer, and micrometer seater. Looking for $110 shipped to you.
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    Troy Folding Battlesight Set SOLD

    Have a set that is barely used. Havent been on a rifle in 6 months. They maybe saw one range trip. $80 shipped to you!
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    Looking for Trued Rem700 Action

    Before I buy a new one from PTG (thrift Scotsman in me), does anyone have one they want to see for under $500 with a .308 boltface? Would also be interested in an Ultimatum Deadline. Trying to put together a new shorty 6.5CM. Selling a a few guns so let me know if you want to work a swap.
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    Anyone have one to sell? Could do without the mini chassis as long as it has bottom metal so I can bed for a R700 pattern action. I am selling several guns to fund a new project, so if you are interested a swap here is what I have: 1.) CZ Custom Shop A01-LD 2.) Winchester 94AE Trapper 44mag
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    Looking for feedback on your folding stock/chassis

    Putting together a compact bolt build. Will have a 16” 308 carbon fiber barrel in a R700 pattern action. Looking at price and weight, it looks like the KRG Whiskey 3, Magpul Pro 700, Manners T2A or T4A folder (preferably mini chassis), etc. All of these are in the 5lbs range and around...
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    Recommendations on Lightweight Tactical Scope

    Putting together a 16” 308 with a carbon fiber barrel and folding chassis. Looking for recommendations on a fairly lightweight (relative to similar scopes) FFP with a minimum zoom of 10x at the top end. Will be a “truck” gun, compact and used for all purposes (hunting, buyout). Need a scope...
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    CZ Custom A01-LD (SOLD)

    Shot this in 1 steel challenge match. I just prefer my TSO for Limited Division. This is the nicest CZ I have ever had, way better than. Tactical Sport Orange. Gun is tighter, smoother, and the trigger is lighter. The only thing I changed was putting a trigger with an overtravel screw in it...
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    Winchester 94AE Trapper 44mag SOLD

    Great condition Winchester 94AE Trapper with a 16" barrel. Points and shoots extremely well. I bought this from a friend, who was the original owner, to shoot deer with this fall. Turns out I am going to use other rifles. The lifter arm, made of cast metal, did have a small piece snap off. It...
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    Spectre86 is G2G

    Dude is good to go! Funds delivered for my CZ TacSport were sent promptly with good communication.
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    SWFA SS 12x Mil w. Rings SOLD

    Selling off a spare SWFA SS 12X that has mil turrets and a set of rings on it. Scope has been leveled and was used a a .223 Stiller-action trainer. It tracked flawlessly out to 500 yards, the farthest I shot it. Not sure on the make of the rings, I believe they are Vortex or Burris. $250 if...
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    Custom CZ Tactical Sport for Ltd. Division

    Used CZ Tactical Sport with the following upgrades. Most of the springs, except the recoil spring, have been replaced in the last 500 rounds. Gun has about 2500 rounds in total on it. Looking for $1,150 shipped. -x2 magazines, with new basepads from Springer Precision -Armory Craft flat...
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    SOLD - Please Remove

    This was a factory RRA Varmint rifle that was been slowly upgraded. I sold the original upper and put together a piston build. Turns out I don't have time to shopt this. And I meed to buy plane ticket for a trip. The upper is basically brand new. The barrel and piston kit have less than 100...
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    Keeping - Please remove

    I have a suuuper slick TacSport I am thinking of selling to recoup funds spent on a new CZ Custom A01-LD. This gun has about 1500 rounds throught it in limited division steel challenge matches. Looking for $1400 shipped. x5 Magazines, all with new Springer or Armory Craft basepads. X2 have +2...
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    CZ 455 Precision Trainer & Extras

    Selling a like-new CZ455 PT in a Manners stock with a 20" unthreaded factory barrel. Comes with: -DIP bottom metal -Murphys 20 MOA rail -Timney trigger -Matthews Fabrication cheekrest (under the current padded one I have on top) -x1 5-round magazine -x2 10-round magazines Shoots great with...