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  1. Slickrick0999

    WTB: Really Right Stuff HC-Pro Clamp for Harris Bipod

    Just checking on here? Any 'hide vendors sell this before I order from the interweb?
  2. Slickrick0999

    WTB; Hawk Hill bipod feet for Harris

    Just what title says, checking to see if anyone had a set to get rid of before I order... Thanks, Rick
  3. Slickrick0999

    Remington / Badger bolt knob mod

    Bought a mini mill this year and made this fixture to do bolt knob conversions... What do you think?
  4. Slickrick0999

    WTB Impact Precision Action

    Going to order a new one this week so thought I'd see if anyone had one to get rid of before ordering
  5. Slickrick0999

    WTB; Impact Precision action

    Going to order a new one this week, just checking to see if anyone has one to get rid of. 308bf Thanks
  6. Slickrick0999

    SOLD FS/FT Ruger 77/22 Target Grey

    Greetings, I have for sale an excellent condition Ruger 77/22 Target Grey model in 22lr with factory laminate stock. This gun is no longer made. Gun is a great shooting 22lr that takes the reliable ruger rotary magazines. Correct Ruger rings are included. Bipod and Scope not included in price...
  7. Slickrick0999

    SOLD KMW Surgeon 308 for sale (partial trade options included)

    As much as it pains me to do this, I am listing my KMW 308 for sale. This is an older build of Terry's and I am the original owner. I have enjoyed this gun so much. The only (and I mean only) reason I am selling is due to my shooting partner and I opening our own shop. While I am sure that...
  8. Slickrick0999

    FS/FT Remington 700 long range 300RUM

    I have a nice remington 700 long range in 300 remington ultra mag for sale. This is an amazing caliber and the rifle is set up great with the following upgrades... Barrel threaded 5/8x24 class 3 threads Muzzle Brakes & More 5 port Beast brake installed and properly timed. Bolt handle threaded...
  9. Slickrick0999

    SOLD 450 Marlin FS/FT

    Hello, I have a very nice JM stamped Marlin 1895 model that comes with many extras. These rifles are no longer made and this is the most desired factory ported guide gun. Comes with XS Sights scout rail and sights. Also comes with 65 rounds of 325 gr FTX Leverevolution ammo, 20 rounds of hornady...
  10. Slickrick0999

    Meredith Custom 243 FS/FT

    I have a almost new (60 rounds fired) Merideth Rifles full build. 1964 Remington action with all matching short bolt shroud, tombstone safety, double sear trigger, and factory slot in action. Action has been trued. Krieger barrel. Muzzle brakes and more brake blended to barrel. PTG Stealth...
  11. Slickrick0999

    SOLD SO SSDS Sale or Trade price drop

    Gauging interest in an old school USO SSDS. This thing is the stuff for old school 308. Dual detent EREK type knob found only on this model. If you are shooting FGMM, this thing is like cheating on dope. GAP Mil reticle with green illumination. Elevation knob is in 0.5moa and windage is...
  12. Slickrick0999

    CMMG 22lr conversion

    CMMG 22lr mag and bolt carrier group that converts your AR15 to 22lr in seconds! Pop rear pin out, remove regular BGC and replace with this one, pop pin back in and load mag and you are plinking away! Let's do $100 shipped
  13. Slickrick0999

    Leupold dual dovetail bases & rings

    Selling a set of Leupold dual dovetail rings and bases. Bases (50042) are 2 piece for remington 700 Rings are 30mm and high model (49958) How about $40 shipped? , these are as new in the packaging.
  14. Slickrick0999

    SOLD Dawson Precison Glock sights

    I tried these sights out on my g34 and just wasn't what I was "looking" for. Dawson Precison fiber optic front and standard black rear. Extra fiber optic pieces never used. I'll do $55 shipped...
  15. Slickrick0999

    Anyone using a Quick Measure Dropper?

    Here is the link... Just interested if anyone is using one with Varget and what results you are having? I am looking into upgrading the powder dropping part of my reloading and considering this or a chargemaster. One plus to the quick measure is it can be...
  16. Slickrick0999


    Anyone have one of the volquartsen 10/22's? Thinking of buying my first 10/22 for my kids, wanting to get a nice one and wanting it to be light and accurate. Any info is greatly appreciated....
  17. Slickrick0999

    Making Key chain out of Blank fired @ Funeral

    Guys, I have a friend @ work who's father just passed. His father served in the military in some fashion (dont know right now). Anyway, he has some casings of the blanks fired at the funeral. He has asked me to make keychains out of them. I really want to do this right. I was wondering if...
  18. Slickrick0999

    Why must I always pull 1 shot? 10round Target Pic

    Ok, so here it is. My 10 shot group for today. This group includes the cold bore shot. The cold bore is in the group, the shot that I pulled was #3 actually.
  19. Slickrick0999

    Suppressor Testing 7/30/10 Gemtech vs Tornado Tech

    For your consideration... I was able to be a part of some suppressor testing yesterday. I have owned a Gemtech HVT for a couple of years now. Always wanted to compare it to different cans to see how it stacked up. Without showing my bias, I was able to test 2 new cans against my Gemtech and...
  20. Slickrick0999

    ballistic calc for blackberry

    Sorry if this is a repost, I was wondering if anyone knew of a ballistic calculator for blackberry phones? Thanks