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    243 WSSM Hawk Hill Bushnell

    Barreled Action $1100: includes Trued Remington 700 Short Mag bolt face, lapped lugs, squared face, corrected thread geometry, Badger recoil lug trued and opened up, Accurate Ordnance tactical bolt knob, Sako style extractor, Seekins rail, 26" Hawk Hill heavy palma, cerakoted receiver and...
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    Model 700 Pistol Chassis

    Remington Model 700 Pistol Chassis chambered in .223. The barrel is 10.5” and has a 1-9” twist. Package include SB Tactical SBA3 Pistol brace. Round count is 20. $925 shipped to your FFL Suppressor, bipod, scope and dove tail are not included at this price
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    Seekins 20% OFF FREE

    I have several Seekins Precision 20% off codes. These expire on July 1, 2019. Send me a PM if you will use them
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    Sierra 110 SMK .243 SOLD

    1200 Sierra 110 SMK. The 500 round boxes are 1 lot Asking $365 shipped in the conus, PayPal friends and family or add the difference
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    6mm Dasher Brass

    I have 240 pieces of 2X fired Lapua brass. $150 shipped priority mail
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    WTB Surgeon 591 action

    I have an extra bolt. Looking for a Suegeon Action 591 right handed action only.
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    Sig P226 .40 Magazine

    Mec Gar Sig P226 .40 extended magazine $20 shipped
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    FN/ FNP Galco Holster

    Lightly used Gslco holster model 1919 WC CON480B $50/shipped
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    Kestrel 5700 ELITE Applied Ballistics

    kestrel 5700 elite weather meter with applied ballistics part #0857atan $550 shipped in original box
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    Game changer

    Coyote brown game changer with Velcro straps. $85 shipped
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    WeatherFlow GeoBallistics

    WeatherFlow weather meter for ballisticsARC app. Captures wind, temp., humidity, and density altitude. Blue tooth pairs the weather station to your device. $70 shipped here in the US
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    Shooting Chrony Master Alpha

    New in box never used Shooting Chrony Master Alpha $75 shipped
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    Model 7 trigger gaurd assembly model 700 recoil lug

    $30 shipped .250 thick tapered recoil lug and $95 shipped model 7 trigger gaurd assembly
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    GemPro 250 Dillion D-Terminator

    $95/shipped without 120 volt cord. Battery powered only 4 AAA
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    Jewell trigger

    Jewell model 700 right hand safety for side bolt release actions. slightly marred on left rear hole for trigger pin $100 shipped
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    6 creedmoor neck sizing

    Guys I am starting to reload for the 6cm but need to figure out how to neck size. Would the .243 Lee Collet Die work for 6cm? My .308 is lights out with the Lee Collet die and Lapua brass. Should I skip that idea and go with a bushing die?