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  1. mdesign

    Bolt fluting. From nightmare to sweet dream!

    Does not surprise me. Chad does first class work with great customer service. Glad it turned out so well.
  2. mdesign

    LAPD ambushed

    I thought they did not allow guns in LA...
  3. mdesign

    Recommendations for Mauser gunsmith

    Thanks guys...sounds like my kind of guy!
  4. mdesign

    "M40A1" build vs quarter

    That's kind of a keep sake....nice rifle
  5. mdesign

    Recommendations for Mauser gunsmith

    Thanks, I'll get in contact with him.
  6. mdesign

    Recommendations for Mauser gunsmith

    Is this Jim's Custom Gunworks from Bloomington, MN ?
  7. mdesign

    short 6.5 creed shooters: what velocity are you running at?

    My 16.5" runs 2578 fps with 140 gr ELDM and 42.3 grains of H4350
  8. mdesign

    Recommendations for Mauser gunsmith

    I have a 7RM rifle made on a Mark X (commercial mauser) action that does not extract the fired cartridges reliably and I am looking for a talented "mauser" gunsmith to help me get it right. Recommendations?
  9. mdesign

    PIG saddle and Ball-head ?

    Thanks...I'll look into this
  10. mdesign

    PIG saddle and Ball-head ?

    I have an Manfrotto 190XPROB tripod with an 496RC2 ball-head. I would like to get the right ball head so that I can run a PIG saddle. I do not need a "top of the line" set-up, just something that is solid and dependable. Any recommendations?
  11. mdesign

    Kestrel Meters Ballistics Official Thread

    I am running a non/BT 4500, version 4.93 with the version 70 Profile loader and am unable to download the profiles from my Kestrel to the PC. It it shows I am connected and that it is initiating download but it never downloads. I did not have this issue with V60 and the cable has always been...
  12. mdesign

    BC Flip up sizes

    thanks, will try it
  13. mdesign

    Beleiver in AR lapping

    Actually, I think there is a business opportunity here. I am not a machinist but look at all the shops that are "truing" bolt actions and the market options that created. Now consider all the comments on the web about the challenges of making AR10's shoot well.... Kind of wish a shop like LRI...
  14. mdesign

    BC Flip up sizes

    Rob01 - question on this response. For me it was not about the price but the quality of the defender caps. It's not that they are poorly made but it seemed that they were so flexible/stretchy that they do not stay in place well and they slip around and come out of position when they are opened...
  15. mdesign

    Beleiver in AR lapping

    Thanks, interesting. All my AR style weapons are in the SBR platform but been thinking about building an AR10 for more precision work
  16. mdesign

    Bare basic rangefinder?

    Sig 2200 will do just fine, simple and ranges well
  17. mdesign

    Beleiver in AR lapping

    Agree, some sorting is needed to get through the thread but some good information to be sure. Based some things shared, I started checking some parts and found that there is typically more variation in how square the face of some AR style uppers are than compared to my experience with M700 bolt...
  18. mdesign

    LRI's 5 axis receiver blueprinting:

    Very nice, another great vid from a company that is good to work with.
  19. mdesign

    Mil or MOA for my first FFP scope?

    Doesn't matter, go with whichever UOM you are used to or pick the one you want to learn. Personally, I use mils
  20. mdesign

    Screwed up a stock...

    Devcon works well on B&C stocks.