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    Has anyone here tried the Hornady 195 ELDs?
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    Winchester post ‘64 rifles?

    I recently got an amazing group out of an older post ‘64 Winchester Model 70 22-250 that I’ve had for years (killed a lot of shit with it, never grouped it until now) and I’m in love. How hard is it to rebarrel these? Who works on them? Do they need much work?
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    Remember our good friend George Liechty?

    He’s getting sued by Atlas bipod/B&T. Sounds like his new bipod company might have “borrowed from” someone else’s intellectual property. Now, I’m just a PoorFag and a dumbass crayon eating Marine that is saving up for the new Atlas CAL, but what are the odds of a known fraud having business...
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    Two stage triggers

    Does anyone else here prefer these?
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    Ramshot Tac for 22-250 and .308?

    Using 55FMJ for 22-250 and 175SMKs and 178ELDs for .308, looking for good loads.
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    Tired of seeing the original post on each page of a thread

    Is there a way to disable this? Also, this is by far the slowest loading gun forum I visit, I hope the software loading time gets faster.
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    Well, so much for crazy claims from that F&D guy.....

    F & D Defense
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    I try my hand at satire (USS Gabby Giffords)

    I wanted to submit to the DuffelBlog but they're not taking submissions at this time. Take a look
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    Bye bye, cheap 5.45x39mm

    I blogged about it but basically, the BATFE found out about someone who manufactured a 5.45 pistol and banned the steel core ammo on the basis of that (details at blog post). I don't have anything good to say about this non-logic. Just a backdoor to chipping away at the Second Amendment.
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    Good deals on Surefires at Amazon

    X300 500 lumen WML and the M600 500 lumens in tan. The M600 is more sturdy and comes with a tail cap and a tape switch but is more expensive. The x300 will be fine for casual/training/HD use. These are both over one hundred dollars off.
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    CDI bottom metal on FN PBR problem

    AI 308 mag won't fit due to the receiver on the PBR. Is this common, or do I have the wrong combo of parts?
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    APA .300 Win mag in wood

    Rational Gun: The nicest rifle you will see today - APA .300 Win Mag The most beautiful rifle you will see today.
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    Need some help for a Wounded Warrior cause

    My buddy Master Sergeant Blanton who was awarded the Silver Star is helping run a non profit that adapts vehicles (bikes and cars) for wounded warriors. He's requested that folks who like Warrior Made is doing to "like" their page on FB and spread the word. I have no involvement with this...