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  1. wareagle700

    For Sale: Sako TRG-22 26" / KRG Whiskey 3 / plus extras. ((REDUCED PRICE))

    In an effort to fund other hobbies, I am putting up my Sako TRG 22 for sale. I love this rifle and it's not easy to let it go but I just don't have the time to enjoy it anymore. This is the most accurate rifle I have ever owned, I am the only owner, and it is still in very good shape, and low...
  2. wareagle700

    WTT: Sako TRG 22 in KRG Whiskey 3 for............

    I love this rifle but have been looking for something different to play with for a while. I've used it in a few F-Class style matches and shot steel with it over the past two years, accuracy is phenominal. I am open to offers for pretty much anything, just wanted to see what else was out there...
  3. wareagle700

    Usmcsomerville is GTG.

    Traded stocks with @Usmcsomerville and transaction went smooth as possible. Great guy to deal with. Thanks man!
  4. wareagle700

    Slippery Cheek Piece Fix

    I know I'm not the first to do this but thought I would share a material I found on Amazon that helps with cheek weld once you throw sweat or moisture into the mix. The other day it was 90+ degrees and 80% humidity and shooting with a hard piece of plastic as a cheek rest was not helping. I was...
  5. wareagle700

    Elkkhunter is GTG

    Very easy transaction, would deal with again. SPUHR
  6. wareagle700

    New Bushnell Forge Scopes

    Anybody heard anything about these? Euro Optic has them on their site for around $800-$900 but no pics or specs yet. Looks like a 3-18 model and a 4.5-27 model.
  7. wareagle700

    ARobinson is GTG

    Another easy transaction, deal with confidence. Thanks.
  8. wareagle700

    T-Hoe is GTG.

    Very easy and quick transaction. T-Hoe was great to deal with. Thanks!
  9. wareagle700

    songdogslayer is GTG.

    Thanks for the scope man. Great communication and easy to deal with. Would deal with again.
  10. wareagle700

    A new 1903 Sporter that I know nothing about....

    This was a Christmas gift from my father this year and neither one of us has been able to find any info on this rifle or pictures closely resembling it. It's got standard markings for a 1903 A3 I believe but has a unique stock, bolt handle, and front sight. All the work done was professional...
  11. wareagle700

    How far will your LRF go?

    I was curious to see what distance and objects people were getting long readings from. Please feel free to share your equipment, distance, and what objects give you the best readings. Here I have a Sig Kilo 2000 and the farthest distance I have been able to get yet. I am 90% sure it was picking...
  12. wareagle700

    The Sako TRG just got even better......thanks to KRG.

    The fine folks at KRG set me up with the parts needed to "complete" my TRG chassis. I already had the stock, just needed the front end. Now TRG-22 owners are able to use those $75 CTR magazines that are floating around, not to mention the entire Whiskey 3 Gen 5 chassis which I had already become...
  13. wareagle700

    CZ 455 American stock?

    Anyone know where I can get a CZ 455 American walnut stock? Looking for a factory stock, takeoff, or something very similar. Thanks!
  14. wareagle700

    Marine24 is GTG

    Very easy transaction and information provided very quickly. Deal with confidence. Thanks Marine24
  15. wareagle700

    Email Notifications......

    I keep getting email notifications whenever someone likes my post or quotes me in a thread. I don't mind getting the notification, but would prefer not to receive an email every time. I went into settings and disabled the email feature but they keep coming. Any ideas?
  16. wareagle700

    New Vortex 1-8 ????

    AMG 1-8 possibly?
  17. wareagle700

    New Hunting Optic. Nightforce or Vortex?

    Im trying to decide on a new scope for a hunting rifle. Looking to stay under $900 so I am strongly considering the Nightforce SHV 3-10 and the Vortex Razor HD LH 2.5-10. Any feedback on these?
  18. wareagle700

    Douglas or Criterion from Compass Lake?

    I'm about to get a barrel from CLE but not sure which one. Douglas or Criterion? Also whats the difference between the .223 Wylde and the CLE Match chamber? This barrel will be used for launching 77gr pills at steel and paper along with hunting. Thanks!
  19. wareagle700

    Setting up AR barrel in lathe......

    Where do you clamp the jaws? On barrel extension or further forward on barrel shank?