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  1. bohem

    PVA John Hancock Rifle Status

    Thank you for reminding me about the Hancock update, in all the writing above I missed it. We are currently trickling them out. The Hancocks take a lot more work to get out the door than originally envisioned and that workload has grown as we assemble rifles and then have no-pay from...
  2. bohem

    PVA John Hancock Rifle Status

    The Hancock is late and as folks call we have been offering the option to them that started this thread. I get that folks don't want to wait. We told everyone up front and reiterated it months ago that we took the nominal deposit to cover the taxes on the order. Since that's toast we're...
  3. bohem

    Patriot valley turn time

    I logged in here for the first time in about 2 months today after a friend sent me a message telling me there were a bunch of people talking about us and drawing conclusions. It's hardly a secret we were really far behind... were. The Hancock is late and has a lot of problems. Outside of that...
  4. bohem

    PVA John Hancock Rifle Status

    For goodness sakes... I found out about this thread approximately 3 minutes ago... I'm going to go read it so I can see what the rumor mill has created based on non-information and I'll be back.
  5. bohem

    Big bore sub

    @gnochi the 510 whisper does a good job of it. IIRC it's made from chopped and trimmed WSM brass My dad runs a 500 S&W with a 510 dia barrel on it. For a while he used to cast lead from a 950gr spire point mould, gas checked and then cut the noses off in the lathe and turn them down to 0.504...
  6. bohem

    Spark Munitions

    I shot more of it this evening. The stuff was killer; 10 rd string with an SD of 7 on the hottest day we've had all year so far. Repeatability out of a 22" 6.5 Creedmoor was superb.
  7. bohem

    6.5-284 123 flat lines

    I filed a patent application back in march for that actually. Controlled expansion of a hollow point projectile without any detriment to the aerodynamics other than the inherent loss in weight from hollowing out the nose. We haven't gotten to shoot anything with a heartbeat with it yet though.
  8. bohem

    6.5-284 123 flat lines

    Use the starting info that Warners provide for loading, the 65-284 is nowhere near as popular today as it was 10-12 years ago so I have never shot the 123s thru one. I dont know how speeds are going to be other than "fast". They do 3150+ from a 65 Creed. They kill stuff. On a tiny animal lile...
  9. bohem

    Tikka T3 with a Barrel Nut

    Thanks! We are pushing hard to keep lead times low and barrel blanks in stock as much as possible. Now that we appear to have gotten through the bottlenecks on supplies and picked up a second barrel vendor (PROOF) we are doing our best to make it so that a 10-14 day turn around time is the new...
  10. bohem

    Tikka T3 with a Barrel Nut

    OVer 100 of them, I've been collecting data for about 2.5 years on that front. Basically since we started the shouldered barrel nut prefits we have been measuring every action that came in for a rebarrel, whether it was a swap on a barrel nut or a custom install. Thank you for the business, I...
  11. bohem

    Spark Munitions

    I shot some out of a few different barrel lengths last month. It was basically 1 hole ammo, the 26" was running 140s at 2851fps based on an 800yd truing bar and atmo accounting. When I got home I put a 26" 6.5 Creed barrel on my backup rifle in prep for the new prime and this stuff. It's...
  12. bohem

    Tikka T3 with a Barrel Nut

    It is made to fit into the existing inlets. The wrench is purposefully designed to spring open and fail before the nut or the threads on the barrel are damaged. It took a bit of engineering working to make that happen right every time so that folks without a torque wrench wouldn't damage the...
  13. bohem

    6.5-284 123 flat lines

    I designed the bullet, what would you like to know?
  14. bohem

    Buy A Reamer?

    Rich takes good care of his reamers and cycles them appropriately. He's supplied several 6.5 SS/SST 7mm SS/SST type things for us over the last year. I just mailed back a 7mm SS-II that arrived the other day, appeared to be brand new and it cut like it was brand new too. We don't own the...
  15. bohem

    Thoughts on the PVA "Jet Blast" - ULTRALIGHT

    I agree with both of your points but let me address them 1 at a time. The brake was done for ultralight rifles. It saves approximately 2.5 oz which is similar to what a skeletonized Rem 700 with fluted bolt, skeletonized handle, sheep port and skeleonized rear bridge saves. It also does so...
  16. bohem

    Thinking the Smith screwed my barrrel

    If your gunsmith is telling you this inform him that you'll buy him a set of 0-1 PD mics in trade for the next thread job he does for you. We never thread to fit on muzzles and only under rare cases will do it for actions. Even then I still mic or wire the threads so that we can laser the...
  17. bohem

    Gain twist fluting, variable twists, automated code generation.

    That is very slick, Chad. Well done! Like you said the variable twist is cool but having it generate the code for your operators up front is very trick.
  18. bohem

    Getting my own reamer?

    Your own reamer is a good step and it's certainly not a waste of money. It doesn't guarantee you the same chamber every time no matter who chambers it though. Machine to machine and setup to setup can make small changes. It's not just "find a reputable smith and it won't be a problem". We...
  19. bohem

    PVA Status Updates: Hancock Rifle & NUCLEUS Barreled Action

    We didn't change the order SKU's we just updated the notes and took the barloc off the cut tags in production. If you can send me a PM with your order number in it I can pull the details from our barrel SN tracking system and verify what they were cut, but if you're getting them now and...