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  1. myronman3

    Storm area 51's first "victims"

    @2ndamendfan you say there isnt a fence around it...but they gathered at the gate? Well if there is no fucking fence, how the fuck can there be a gate? Nope, never been there. Aint going any time soon, either. But i am able to understand the concept of a no-g0 zone...
  2. myronman3

    Candace Owens at work.........

    That woman has fire in her belly. She is an absolute LIONESS of freedom. I am excited to see folks like her coming forth. I believe black america is beginning to wake up. And man, this is going to be fun to watch.
  3. myronman3

    Storm area 51's first "victims"

    Explain to me why those two asshats were arrested earlier this week then. That is a RESTRICTED area. Tell you what...go there next week with your camera phone and start taking pictures and see what they do to you. Report back afterwards, please.
  4. myronman3

    Hell no you're not.

    now THAT is a woman! where the fuck do i find one of those????
  5. myronman3

    Storm area 51's first "victims"

    Sooooo.....asshats actually went there? Why are they all not in jail and getting the book thrown at them? This is the kinda “paper tiger” shit that inspired bin laden.
  6. myronman3

    Candace Owens at work.........

    all the small dick comments aside..... that woman is a razorblade. and a shining example of what is coming as black america begins to wake up. when they quit believing the bastards who have lead them into slavery for the last 50 years, and start actually living free and voting in their TRUE...
  7. myronman3

    Back to school ad -- Oh boy....

    They dont give a flying fuck about children. I mean, their #1 issue is killing babies. Babies in the womb, and they are KILLING NEWBORNS. You think about that. And they are PROUD of it. I am waiting for GOD to smite us.....we certainly have it coming.
  8. myronman3

    Back to school ad -- Oh boy....

  9. myronman3

    Storm area 51's first "victims"

    yup. how do you know they are not spies? i mean, they are from another country. i have zero sympathy for them. and like was said....with this slap on the wrist, they just emboldened the next ones.
  10. myronman3

    Are millenials butthead-stupid or are they just plain lazy????

    no, we are not fucked. i see more freedom being exercised on a daily basis than ever before. back when i was a kid, carrying a pistol would get you 20+ years in prison. not so much anymore. back in the day, if you wanted to get the word out, you had to either write the newspaper and...
  11. myronman3

    Are millenials butthead-stupid or are they just plain lazy????

    they are just like every generation. some good. some bad. shitheads seem to get the attention...except the “greatest generation”. in that generation, the good got the glory, but there were plenty of shitstains and asshats in that generation, too. after all, who the fuck you think raised...
  12. myronman3

    Are the older model swaro EL's without swarovision still a contender?

    some people actually prefer the non swarovision ELs. you dont gain much at all with the swarovision. the biggest thing i notice is a little less focusing. but that is about it. considering what you can find a older set of ELs for compared to teh swarovision models, is it worth the jump in...
  13. myronman3

    TRUMP can really pack Em in!

    it never seems to take long for one to pop up. :rolleyes:
  14. myronman3

    I keep hearing chatter about something happening 9/23...

    if we are starting rumors, hell, it is noon, and i havent heard one yet, so i’ll start one..... That’s the day extra terrestrial aliens are showing up. I know this cause my kid saw one on the side of the road. I have that on as good as authority as some of the rest of you have your...
  15. myronman3

    Get your dresses out & on bitches

    a few? i want every cocksucker involved in it bankrupted, and imprisioned. hell, i even think execution is warrented here.
  16. myronman3

    Anyone have any Survive! knives?

    yup.and i bought 1. edge retention blows...but it is indeed strong.
  17. myronman3

    10x riflescope poll...

    to quote the big Lebowski “now that’s interesting, man...”
  18. myronman3

    Be careful in South Africa.

    Animals. Nasty fucking animals. Still good to watch though...that way, when you have the upper hand on them, and they beg for mercy, knowing they do not deserve it, is a handy piece of information. Watching shit like this makes me undestand why God flooded the world.
  19. myronman3

    Holy %$#@ing %$#t there may be an actual %$#ing go%$#@mned %$#ing Indictment????

    how about a real fucking charge? jaywalking doesnt cut it. TREASON. and mccabe? hand out about 50 indictments on various treasonous assholes, and that’s what i would call a start.