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  1. Maverick3009

    *SOLD* Trijicon MRO (Green dot) w/ Scalerworks Lower 1/3rd Mount

    ***SOLD*** Trijicon MRO w/ green dot mated to a Scalerworks lower 1/3rd mount. Absolutely nothing wrong with the setup, selling because my astigmatism makes the green dot look all goofy. I had it mounted to a CZ Scorpion pistol for about 50rds to get it sighted in and then it came off and here...
  2. Maverick3009

    For sale: Atlas BT10 and Streamlight Protac Rail mount HL-X

    Look to sell a couple things I've got sitting around. Prices include shipping. $SOLD$ Atlas BT10, was installed on my AR for awhile and taken to the range once. Mounts directly to 1913 rail. - $200 $SOLD$ Streamlight Protac Rail Mount HL-X, brand new in box, never opened - $SOLD$
  3. Maverick3009

    Gap between stock and action?

    So I just got my action back and started installing the stock to the action to check how much I'd need to modify the CDI action screws and while doing this I noticed that there's a sizeable gap in the bolt handle channel between the stock and the action. I'm not sure if this was there before the...
  4. Maverick3009

    CDI Bottom Metal Install

    Hey guys, just got my Rem700 H-S precision stock back from CDI after they inletted it for their bottom metal. Now I have to trim the action screws to make sure they fit correctly. My question is how would you guys recommend I figure out how much exactly needs to be trimmed off? My thought was...