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    Should I stick with 24" for my 308 or cut it down?

    Thanks fellas for the help! Gonna just stick with it for now and see how I like it. If I need a shorter barrel, I'll do as y'all suggested and just get another barrel with a 1-10 twist.
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    Accuracy International Picture Thread

    Hmm, but that picture shows just AT parts, right? That's why I am confused.
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    Accuracy International Picture Thread

    Does AI have two different greens offered for the AIAT?
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    Surefire brake install... chamfered spacer needed?

    Looking to install a surefire brake onto my AI’s 5/8x24 threaded barrel so I can use my SOCOM suppressors. Kit looks like it comes with shims and a chamfered spacer. Do I actually need to use this spacer? I understand why it’s needed for something like a SCAR17 with a limited shoulder, but for...
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    16-18 inch shorty rifles

    Any concerns with cutting a 1:12 twist 308 barrel down to say... 18"? Or even 16.5"?
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    Should I stick with 24" for my 308 or cut it down?

    Picked up a used AIAT in 308 with a 24" barrel recently. I think I'm going to be running it suppressed with my Surefire SOCOM300SPS. I was originally going to consider cutting my 24" barrel down to around 18" but someone suggested I ask around about it as it seems most 18" barrels use a 1:10...
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    WTT my 34mm Spuhr SP4006 for your 34mm Spuhr SP4001

    My SP4006 is in excellent condition, but I just realized I could use the lower SP4001 for my setup instead. Have flawless feedback here and on No offense, but only willing to trade with established members in good standing.
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    AI AT Updates Coming

    Hmm... has anyone actually posted or received their LEO AT rifle?
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    Damn! I've traveling out of state for work and didn't see this in time!! I'm soooo sad! :(
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    CZ 457

    Kinda wondering why they don't offer more models with an adjustable height cheek piece. How are you fellas getting good cheekweld on those wood stocks without duct tape? Makes me also wonder why they only offer the match chamber for the MTR rifle with wood stock instead of their tactical ones too.
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    Massive AXMC Sale!!

    Just need to confirm... for new AXMC even in 338 Lapua and 300 Win Mag... do they come with the small firing pin now?
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    Accuracy International Picture Thread

    Anyone have photos of a sage green AIAT with a Vortex Gen 2 Razor mounted on top?
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    Would you trust a S&B PMII 5-25x56 on a SCAR?

    Thinking about putting a higher magnification scope on a SCAR 20s. I've heard that SCARs can be scope killers so I'm leaning towards something like Vortex, Leupold, or Nightforce as they're usually praised for their durability and warranty. But would you also trust a S&B? I'm a bit leery since I...
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    NF 5-25 and 7-35 glass

    Where are you seeing the NF 5-25 for 2250? Is that used? I only see those prices used for models with older reticles. Out of curiosity... what reticles do you prefer for the S&B 5-25 for PRS?
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    Leupold Mark 5 7-35x56

    Wish they had better reticle options like Vortex’s EBR-7c
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    338 Ultra or Ultra SR

    Might it be possible to one day send in our serialized Ultra cans to get the mounting interface replaced for the SR mounting system? For a fee of course?
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    Vortex hd razor gen 2 or amg

    How do the eye relief and eyebox compare? I assume the Gen2 performs better in low light with the larger tube diameter, right? I'm debating between the two myself now for a SCAR 20.
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    Ranking available semi auto precision grade guns

    ASL stands for Age/Sex/Location. Basically you're arguing with a 13yo girl from California. :ROFLMAO:
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    Accuracy International Picture Thread

    Purrty rifle! The AX buttstock's cheek riser and other plastic bits seems to color match decently to the rest of the AT skin. How did you like that thumbhole stock though?