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    Monkey with an AK-47....funny

    Came across this on youtube and thought I would share...
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    Anyone Shooting USAammo??

    Curious if anyone has tried this stuff and the results you got...$15.32 per box Thanks, Dan
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    AAC-SD review with range report

    Hey Guys, Wanted to give a review of my aac-sd project. I picked up the gun from buds gun shop about a month ago. Great looking gun really and threading was perfect. My trigger came preset from the factory at 4.5lb which isn't the best. First, I upgraded the stock to a Bell and Carlson M40...
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    Bell and Carlson M40 stocks?

    I have been a long time lurker on this site for several months now. I would like to THANK the Hide and its members for the vast amount of info I've pick up from the forums! Now to my question. Does anyone have experience with the new bell and carlson medalist m40 varmint/tactical stocks. I...