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    Rugged Surge 762 opinions

    I also bought more Rugged cans after shooting the Surge. Just got my Oculus and Razor a few months back and I'm just as happy with them. I think the Micro 30 will be one of the next few I buy.
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    Tikka T1X

    I'm going with the 17 hmr first and may pick up the 22 later. I like my 455 but I like the feel of my t3x more. If the t1x is anything likes it's older brother I may give the 455 to my wife and go ahead with the 22.
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    Rugged Surge 762 opinions

    I really like my Surge, it was my first can and I've yet to regret it. I just confirmed that they have no barrel length restrictions which recently changed. It sounds great both long and short and can take anything you throw at it. I currently use it on my 260 precision rifle and my 10.3" 5.56...
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    Sinclair or Hornady oal gauge

    I'm trying to decide which of these to get, I like the Sinclair because it doesn't require a bunch of threaded cases. Which do you use and what's the pros and cons of each?
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    Reloader 16 and 26 availability

    I've been wanting to try these two powders given how scarce h4350 has been lately. Wouldn't you know it everywhere I look is out of stock with no backorder option. Is this normal for these powders because a lot of guys use them in their 6 and 6.5 rifles? Or did I just happen to look at a bad...