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  1. Rsos2313

    Does a Stainless Steel Tumbler Damage Necks?

    Hey guys, this might be a stupid question but I was wondering if anyone has had any problems with any of the Stainless Steel Tumblers denting the necks of your brass. Iv tried to research this the best I could but I couldn't find much maybe because the problem doesn't exist. All I know is if I...
  2. Rsos2313

    Leupold Mark 5 7-35x56 H59’s In stock!!

    We have in stock the new Leupold Mark 5 7-35x56 with the H59 Reticle. We also have the 5-25x56 H59 as well. Please DM to see if Hide Pricing is Available!!! $2599.99
  3. Rsos2313

    XLR Envy JV Heavy Fill Chassis now in stock!!

    We have the new XLR Industry’s Envy JV Heavy Fill’s with the Tactical buttstock! MAP $905.00 To see if Hide Priceing is available please DM us!
  4. Rsos2313

    Remington 700 AAC 223rem. Worth a trainer rifle??

    Just wondering if anyone has used one with bulk Ammo as a trainer? I’m just worried about accuracy with cheap Ammo? I’m open to other options I just didn’t want to build a rifle but if I have to I will. I was thinking about just buying 1000 rounds of AE223. Thanks in advance
  5. Rsos2313

    Vortex Razor HD Gen ll’s, H59, Tremor 3, and EBR-7C. Check it out!!

    We have in stock the new Vortex Razor Gen ll’s Please DM to see if Hide Pricing is available!! EBR-7C $1999.99 H59 $2499.99 Tremor 3 $2499.99
  6. Rsos2313

    Masterpeice Arms BA Competition Rifles, Curtis Vector Action! 6mm, 6.5 Creed’s

    These are built by MasterPiece Arms and Guarantee 3/8 MOA Pictured Left to Right Please DM to see if Hide Pricing is available 1. Masterpeice Arms MPA BA Competition Chassis FOLDER (Tungsten) Curtis Custom VECTOR Action 6.5 Creedmoor 26” M24 Trigger Tech Flat set to 1LB 7.7 OZ MAP $3250.00...
  7. Rsos2313

    Christensen Arms MPR 6.5 PRC & 6.5 Creedmoor + Ridgeline’s. Need gone

    100% Brand New! Please DM to see Hide Pricing!!! We have 4 Christensen Arms needing gone. Pictured Left to Right. 1.Christensen Arms MPR 6.5 PRC 24” MAP $2295.00 2.Christensen Arms MPR 6.5 Creedmoor 24” MAP $2295.00 3.Christensen Arms Ridgeline 6.5 Creedmoor MAP...
  8. Rsos2313

    Vortex Viper PST Gen 2 Mils & MOA’s check it out!!!

    We have a bunch of Vortex Viper PST Gen 2’s for sale!! Please DM to see if Hide Priceing is available!!!! MAP$999.99
  9. Rsos2313

    Curtis Custom Vector Actions in stock

    We have a few Curtis Custom Vectors Action left. All short action with standard boltface! Please DM for questions! $1399.99 Free Shipping.
  10. Rsos2313

    Swarovski Optic display models. Z3’s and Z5’s

    For sale are the Display Models we had sitting in our glass case. They are brand new and have never been mounted. But they have been touched and looked through by customers. PLEASE DM for Hide Priceing. Pictured close to far. 1 Swarovski Optic Z3 3-9x36 L Plex Reticle MAP $699.99...
  11. Rsos2313

    6 NEW Masterpeice Arms BA Competition Rifles. 6.5Creed & 6mm Creedmoor!! Must see!!!!

    These are built by MasterPiece Arms and Guarantee 3/8 MOA Pictured Left to right Scroll down for pictures. Please DM to see if Hide Priceing is available. 1. Masterpiece Arms MPA BA Competition Chassis (FDE) Curtis Custom Axiom Action 6mm Creedmoor 26” M24 Trigger Tech Flat Trigger set at...
  12. Rsos2313

    Masterpeice Arms BA OnePiece Scope mount 34mm

    We have 3 new Masterpiece Arms BA onepiece scope mounts. They are all 34mm, 0 MOA, 1.125 Height. $249.99 MAP Please DM to see if Hide Priceing is available!!!
  13. Rsos2313

    Masterpiece Arms Competition Rifles, 6.5 Creed’s, 6mm Creed, FREE one piece scope mount! MUST SEE!!!!!!

    These are built by Masterpeice Arms. Please DM to see if Hide pricing is available or if you have questions! Guaranteed 3/8 MOA When you Purchase one of these rifles you will get a FREE MPA Onepiece scope mount in 30mm or 34mm whiles supplies last. This mount was most popular mount in the...
  14. Rsos2313

    Defiance Deviant Tactical Actions, Curtis Custom Axiom Action.

    Please DM to see if hide pricing is available! Defiance Machine Deviant Tactical Short Action .308 Bolt Face 30MOA integrated Rail Extra Deep bolt flutes. $1330 Curtis Custom Axiom .308 Bolt Face 20MOA Rail $1095
  15. Rsos2313

    WTB Left hand Custom Action

    Interested in buying any left handed custom action. GA, Defiance, Impact ETC. .308 Bolt Face. Thanks
  16. Rsos2313

    Masterpiece Arms BA Competition Rifle 6.5 Creedmoor GREEN

    This is built by Masterpiece Arms. Call Or DM to see if Hide discounts are available Masterpiece Arms 6.5 Creedmoor Curtis Custom Axiom Action MPA BA Competition Chassis GREEN 24” 1/8 MTU Contour Barrel Trigger Tech Flat Trigger set to 1lb 8.1oz MAP $2775
  17. Rsos2313

    Seeking Precision Havak 6mm Creedmoor

    Brand New Seeking Precision Havak chambered in 6mm Creedmoor. $1999.99 OBO Free Shipping
  18. Rsos2313

    Looking to buy slot for PRS Dalton, NH.

    Looking to buy a slot for the NEW ENGLAND PRS Match July 28th-29th