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  1. diverdon

    There it is...impeachment...

  2. diverdon

    There it is...impeachment...

    President Trumps comments are racist because he spoke them. President Trump: What a nice sunny day it is. Media and democrats: RACIST!!!BIGOT!!!!HOMOPHOBE!!!!!
  3. diverdon

    No Concentration Camps Here

    The Holocaust? People like to pretend it is somehow unique. It is actually pretty common in history when there is an identifiable group smaller in numbers without defensive tools or an outside force to protect them. Ever wonder why so many celebrated when "whites" became the minority in...
  4. diverdon

    Anyone else Carry Religously at Home?

    Sorry about your neice and her boyfriend.
  5. diverdon

    Any trip advice for Fl Keys?

    In my opinion the best scuba diving is done from Key Largo (the closest to Miami), which has easy access to the Pennecamp marine park and several cool ship wrecks with many decent dive boat operators. I've stayed several places I did not care for, If I went again I would stay at the Holiday Inn...
  6. diverdon

    You are the threat,...

    It does not matter what you think. The simple fact is that it is against the law for felons to be in possession of a gun.
  7. diverdon

    You are the threat,...

    I hope the criminals you want to arm live closer to your family than to mine.
  8. diverdon

    Amazon Help

    Could it be a browser problem? Have you cleared all your cookies and your history?
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    Take your tech and shove it

    There are risks and there are benefits. If we all become Luddites and Amish the future is still coming, we just won't be part of it. I feel we need to find a sweet spot to ride the wave which lets us have most of the benefits and avoides some of the risks. you may...
  10. diverdon

    You are the threat,...

    It is not. Once again you reveal the true depth of your intellect. The Constitution does not say what you want it to say. It says what it says. Criminals were not considered by the founding fathers to be part of the Militia. The Militia was those citizens who could be depended on, any who...
  11. diverdon

    ATTN Virginia Gun Owners: HB-4021 and what you need to know about it

    Hopefully he will be stopped.
  12. diverdon

    You are the threat,...

    Some people are hit by lighting, it is called bad luck.
  13. diverdon

    You are the threat,...

    Thank you for this thoughtful reply. While is contains a lot of sound reasoning I disagree with the conclusion if that conclusion is that convicted felons should be allowed to lawfully own arms. It is true that criminals will not obey the laws against them having guns, yet the very fact that...
  14. diverdon

    You are the threat,...

    Perhaps that was uncalled for. I just can't see where you got the dumb idea criminals should be lawfully allowed to have guns. I guarantee you that expressing a fringe idea like that to that average American will cause them to wonder if it might be better if no one had guns.
  15. diverdon

    You are the threat,...

    In many cases cases they should not be out of prison. You need only look at the carnage wrecked by gangs of released convicts in our major cities in order to see this if you have even ordinary intelligence. There are procedures in place by which felons can have their RTBA restored...
  16. diverdon

    Saudi Arabia lucks out

    Why am I having such a hard time disbelieving this?
  17. diverdon

    You are the threat,...

    Every logical test you can think of? I guess that is a pretty low standard. I've spent a reasonable amount of time studying and pondering the words and intent of the founding fathers. I've never seen a single thing indicating that they wished to arm thugs, muggers or rapists. Be careful not to...
  18. diverdon

    RIP Ross Perot

    RIP, He gave me someone to vote for rather than the first Bush after he lied about raising taxes.
  19. diverdon


    Can you clarify if there is a policy on selling personal items not directly related to shooting? I have a couple of things I've never used and from time to time thought perhaps I should rehome them. Also I sure hope that your commercial sales membership of $1,500/year is not applied to guys...
  20. diverdon

    Guy's got some brass ones

    I also would have refused, unless of course Fox was putting a hundred grand in my pocket for the interview.