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    Light weight elk rifle

    Looking to get the wife a light weight mild recoiling rifle for elk we looked today and she fell in love with a christiansen ridgeline 6.5 prc. What does everyone think of this cartige and gun?
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    Pack out bag

    Im looking for any reccomendations on a good pack out bag. We usually hunt elk nothing extreme back country stuff daybag size is fine we just have rough terrain and long hikes.
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    Once fired brass accuracy

    Did some load developement with some federal brass got to a load i really like now the primer pockets are getting loose a buddy of mine had a box of once fired he gave me. loaded the up the same and accuracy is not nearly like my last set this close to hunting season i am lost on what to do. Do...
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    Lapua brass

    Im trying to make make the switch to better brass in 6.5 creedmoor and i am not liking the nosler i got. I would like to get lapua but all i can find is small primer. Can small primer brass be used in my bergara b14 hmr?
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    Any lawn fanatics out there

    Just wanted to see if there was any gun nut lawn guys like me out there
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    Update 1.23

    Just did update 1.23 Went through and tried to redo all my setting now i have always been told to turn off spin drift and coriolis as this seem to give better wind calls. With the new update i am unable to turn off coriolis, or am i missing something?
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    Kestrel 101

    Hey guys just made the plunge and got a 5700ab. Is the any good how to videos on how to use some of the features on it?
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    Trouble spotting

    Me and my wife are getting into long range shooting. We are having trouble spotting our misses out around 900 yards. My question is where is my money better spent higher end spotting scope good binos or a kestrel. I have a limited budget and was leaning toward binos. I hear spotting trace is...
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    New member from colorado

    Hey guys been lurking for awhile finally decided to sign up. Ive been intrested in long range shooting since i could remember. Only recently have i gotten pretty serious about it. Looking to learn as much a possible and maybe make new shooting buddies that will help improve my skills. Currently...