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  1. Strykervet

    New Das Boot (uh, Re Boot?) on Hulu

    So they re filmed Das Boot. I guess it kinda needed an update, some of the familiar story is there but it's otherwise completely redone. The base at La Rochelle looks amazing and they sort of hint at the significance of it, both a nod to the historically minded and bit of background on it to...
  2. Strykervet

    They can eat shit an die for all I care

    Well then you're REALLY gonna fucking love this... Congress is now getting ready to start that "reparations" bullshit --guess which gang is spearheading this? They'll keep it going through the election, long enough to pander to their pet voters "victims united" --black, gays, etc. So...
  3. Strykervet

    Das Deutsch

  4. Strykervet

    Speak Out in America and You WILL Pay for it! Fuck forbid he use his 1A Rights to talk about his 2A Rights in this ever spiraling wannabe 3rd world shithole. It's about time we divide this place up, it's just not working. Some of us depend on a working BOR, some of...
  5. Strykervet

    Let's Discuss Lasers

    Uh, yeah, TNVC has some of the best CS in the business. And they don't blow smoke up their customer's asses. I think they're among the best in a very cut throat industry, an industry that tried to sell me "NASA rated PVS14's" at one point. Yeah. NASA. And Vic is regularly on here, patiently...
  6. Strykervet

    First blade for sale, Woo Haaa!

    I want one of those but made like a real one with the correct grind.
  7. Strykervet

    CNN treading nicely

    Oh, well, I turned all that shit off a long time ago. You give me a topic and I'll tell you how propaganda will handle it and what the end result will be. I am an oracle, and I am rarely wrong. Unfortunately.
  8. Strykervet

    458 SOCOM at 1001 yards

    Yeah, I fucked up and bought an ATN scope like 20 years ago... NOT making that mistake again. Adding NV or thermal to it only scares me more. IMO, it's only slightly better than if Counter Sniper got into NV (god, would THAT cost!? --for contract overruns that is!). Yes, I expected more out...
  9. Strykervet

    More AOC genius........

    They ought to have to recite all of their sponsors like a preamble each time they address the house like the corporate fucking whores they are. "Now the Rep. sponsored by Microsoft-Starbucks-Boeing of WA will take the floor" --we don't even need their name, it's not important. It's only a...
  10. Strykervet

    What would you do for $5,000

    Fuck it. I'll take her. On second thought...
  11. Strykervet

    Good luck rounding up all the guns in the U.S.

    And yet others M2HB's and even cannon.
  12. Strykervet

    Why do we have a border patrol?

    A better question would be, "at what point have we outgrown our government and how do we move forward without the baggage"?
  13. Strykervet

    Shooting in rain

    Seriously? I like shooting in the rain, less people around usually. There's some skill to be learned in it, atmosphere is obviously different. Rain doesn't act on the bullet as much as you'd think due to velocity, but it does happen. Chances are you won't be shooting in a goddamn downpour...
  14. Strykervet

    Shooting in rain

    Best thing you can do is stop by Costco. Pick up the big ass box of extra wide, mile long roll of saran wrap. Attach one end to the top of your scope, the other end to the top of the target. Now it'll be just like shooting without rain, and problem solved! Fucking newbies man, I tell 'ya!
  15. Strykervet

    WTT/Partial Trade: My KAC Flip Sights + Cash for your Miniature Reflex Backup Sight

    Still need to trade out a couple sets of sights. These are one of the best flip up iron sights you can get for any AR, period. I use 'em on several rifles, they're about all I use, and they do work --I ring small steel plates at 200m with 'em no problem, all the time. But a couple of my...
  16. Strykervet


    That Badger mount is a killer mount, I use those almost exclusively now. 1.5" with 0MOA is perfect for aligning clip on NV too. They also accept the large USO erector. Fit is snug and mount is solid. And if you can get it for a little less than you can from Badger, then do it. If I had or...
  17. Strykervet

    If you don't have at least 10 of these you are stupid

    Don't forget springs and other parts like ejectors and extractors.
  18. Strykervet

    Ideas for precision AR-15 build?

    I put together a Recce rifle after reading the Navy's report on the Mk12. They wanted something more accurate and lighter and shorter if possible. They came up with the Recce rifle and I guess the basics are milspec BCG, forged upper and lower (Noveske makes a damn fine forged receiver set) I...
  19. Strykervet

    Trijicon Electro Optics Military Grade?

    Depending on what you need it for, your budget and what not, there's a fellow with a FLIR T50/Trijicon ACTS for $3500 IIRC. They still sell for $10k new, at least on one site I looked at. You'll be restricted to low mag but it does have a digital 2x and 4x zoom. Worth checking out I guess...
  20. Strykervet

    Tenebraex Flip Covers, ARDs, Etc. --Tenebraex, EuroOptic Excellent CS!

    Yeah, Butler Creek used to make a large cover for the USO observation scope but not anymore. Nobody makes one big enough and I haven't found anything from another make that'll work (I don't know the thread pitch for one). Finding one to fit a PVS30 has been likewise impossible. However...