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    FN SPR trigger question

    The Jewell trigger is a MUCH better unit. Just keep in mind it will need to be keep clean. Lighter fluid and compressed air are your friend in this case. Trimming the bottom metal on these is required in most cases. All of mine have required it. A small price to pay for an excellent trigger...
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    DBM conversion for old Savage Model 12? Give Jeff a call. He is awesome to deal with.
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    Info request re Navy "300 Win Mag Sniper rifle" (or aka "pre-MK 13 Mod 0")

    Also check out There is a lot of information and knowledgeable members on that site.
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    I’ll take the tumbler for $100 and pay actual shipping. Chet
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    For Sale: Nightforce NXS 8-32X56, C353 Zero Stop, High Speed MLR Reticle with MIL/MIL adjustments Includes Badger Ordnance High rings P/N 306-09 Bikini cover and original Box. Scope is in good condition. One small ding on bottom in front of the front ring as pictured. Some light wear on the...
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    M18x1 to 3/4-24 suppressor adapter?

    I would try CNC Warrior. Although this would be a custom order, he might make one for you.
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    Lug greese Available at your local O'Reilly Auto Parts for...
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    Help me choose a cartridge for a long action build.

    300WM, Berger Match 215 Grain Hybrid's @ $2.25/round. Brass to reload after you shoot factory Berger ammo. Several other factory match offerings available. Good Luck!
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    PVA Status Updates: Hancock Rifle & NUCLEUS Barreled Action

    Wow, that Sir is unacceptable I couldn't let that slide.
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    Recommendations for Mauser gunsmith

    Yes Sir! Jim has been producing quality work for several decades.
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    Why do all my high end scopes stick in precision matched ring bottoms while installing on a precision 1-piece base????

    azpaleo, Thank you for your service. Please stop. If you choose to go away, don't go away mad. Just please go away.
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    Leviathan Suppressor... any experience?

    If you are effected by this please file a complaint. Use the link below for the KS State Attorney General:
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    remington 700 criterion remage issues update; and help me decide where i should go from here

    i have to agree with one of the previous post. Give us a general location and more than likely the membership can direct you to someone local who can help. You may be able to do a physical drop off, which saves shipping and insurance. A local smith to me did this very same mod to my action...
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    FN SPR Chassis Options Mod your action and run AI magazines. This is an option. Just providing the information.
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    SOLD! Nightforce C237 5.5-22X56 MIL/MIL MLR ZS/HS with Badger Rings $1400 TYD

    For your consideration: 1 used NF 5.5-22X56 item number C237 In good used condition. Includes Badger Ordnance High rings P/N 306-09 $1400 shipped to your door with tracking, signature required. Scope ships double boxed. Please see attached pictures. Respectfully submitted, Chet email...
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    good 9mm suppressor for both pistol and sbr?

    I use an SWR Octane 9 HD in 9mm. Run it on my pistols, and it also serves on my HK34 and MP5. Occasionally I will run it on my 22rf since it is can be disassembled. The HK34 is rifle length.