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  1. 6gunner

    Terrapin X case

    I just treated myself to a Terrapin X. For the money it’s a shame that for the money all it comes with is that shitty rain cover. Those of you that own a Terrapin, what case do you store it in? I was thinking of picking up a Pelican 1120 case.
  2. 6gunner

    Amazon Garmin 701 deal

    I Amazon has a pretty good deal on the Garmin Foretrex 710 for $499.99, Prime members, regular price $599.99. I paid $420 with the points on my Amazon card.
  3. 6gunner

    Phone Skope iPhone 7 LifeProof Fre Case Adapter

    I upgraded my phone so I don’t need this anymore. I have the IPhone 7 Phone Skope adapter, part that holds the phone only. This one works if you have the lifeproof Fre case. $25 shipped to you. Email me at sixgunner(AT)
  4. 6gunner

    FN SLP work

    I want to get the loading port on my FN SLP opened up and install a oversized bold release. I was going to ship it to Briley to do the work. Any other recommendations? I’ve seen do it yourself jobs on YouTube but don’t trust myself.
  5. 6gunner

    New 10/22

    Put this together last night. Brownells receiver, Kidd bull barrel, trigger, bolt, charging handle w/guide rod, Magpul X-22 stock. I still need a scope may go with the Athlon Argos BTR 6-24.
  6. 6gunner

    Nikon Black Range X 4K

    Has anyone got their hands on this Nikon rangefinder? If so, what are your thoughts?
  7. 6gunner

    Hell no!

    No way in hell I could remain calm.
  8. 6gunner

    Kestrel 5700 Elite

    I received my Kestrel about a week ago and was messing with it over the weekend. I've set up my gun profiles but want need some help on truing it. I don't have access to a. 800 yard range to true the velocity. Can I use the MV I get from my Labradar?
  9. 6gunner

    Vortex Viper Gen II 3-15

    I ordered this scope less then a month ago from Sport Optics. I have it in my Ruger 10/22 and I've shot maybe 250 rounds through it. I was out today and I can no longer adjust the parallax. I called Vortex from the parking lot when I left the the range and they emailed me a shipping label...
  10. 6gunner

    Anyone ever deal with I'm going place and order for a Vortex Razor Gen 2. They will give me the le/mil price but want a check due to the fees with using my debit card. I'm kind of leery since I can't do a charge back with my bank if the deal goes south.
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  12. 6gunner

    Blueprint Remington 700

    I have a Remington 700 SPS Tactial AAC SD that shoots pretty good. I was thinking of having Mile High Shooting blueprint the action. Is is worth it and will I see an improvement or should I leave well enough alone?