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    Trade for a JP $250 off certificate or Revolutionary Suppressors 25% off cert?
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    PRS skills stage

    Stage 12. First stage on the Ridge course. 6 possible hits, unlimited round count.
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    Favorite Bag

    I use a waxed canvas gamechanger. The OG and pint size. I’ve tried the fortune cookie, Bison udder, the Nylon gamechanger, and a few homemade bags. Nothing has been as stable or versatile as the waxed canvas gamechangers for me. YMMV
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    6.5 Creedmoor once fired brass

    That’s a good deal. I also sell my once fired Hornady and have great luck on eBay. Just FYI.
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    Supporting the rifle by the barrel?

    That’s Dan Jarecke and he won that match too. I’ve seen him do that every time I’ve shot with him.
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    Still awaiting payment so this is technically still available. First person with funds takes it.
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    Want to sell or trade my tactical udder. Would trade for a waxed canvas gamechanger. Multicam pattern udder, does not have the top straps as I felt they got in the way. I actually removed some of the light fill and added some sand to give it a more stable profile. I have the additional fill...
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    Cole-Tac Supressor Cover

    Cole-Tac suppressor cover that was used on a Surefire 762 can. Length is 7 1/4”, 1.5” OD) Kryptek Highlander pattern. $50 shipped. (Currently awaiting a new cover. This will ship when my new one arrives. Just in case I shoot a match between now and then. 😁) Please feel free to ask any questions...
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    cerakote shop??

    I would second Blown Deadline, phenomenal work. Also worth mentioning. Black sheep Arms, Redbeard Gun Works and Ely Yerian. Any of those 3 do stunning work but Ely is where I would send my gun and money.
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    Several gamechangers FS

    If the pint sized waxed canvas falls through, I’ll take it.
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    SOLD - NEW Vortex Fury HD 10x42 Rangefinding Binos

    Received today. Fast shipment and exactly as described. Definitely a reputable seller and wouldn’t hesitate to do business with him again.
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    Looking for Custom Gun Painting in south Texas

    3rd vote for Redbeard. They also do a ton to support the shooting community.
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    Wrist Coach Vs Python

    I use a wrist coach with my dope card under plastic and use a wet erase marker to circle my target ranges. On most obstacles I am holding near the front objective with my left hand so the dope card it right in my line of view and my right hand stays on the bolt and trigger. Occasionally I keep...