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  1. Sean the Nailer

    Three Percenters

    @j-huskey I hear you, I support that, and it's all 'well-and-good'. But what about the firearm smuggling scandal Fast 'n Furious? What about Hitlery Clinton and all her broken laws as well as all the alleged people that 'suicided' 3 times in the back of the head? And what about so many other...
  2. Sean the Nailer

    Three Percenters

    Ya'll keep talking about 'FBI files' and 'government watchlists' and whatnot. Do you REALLY think that there is such a thing? And even if there was, do you REALLY think that it would matter? As in, would the FBI or some other alphabet agency ACTUALLY do anything, considering there is/has been...
  3. Sean the Nailer

    Trump declassified russia investigation

    As tantalizing as this whole premise is, I'm not going to get excited UNTIL the first 150 corrupt politicians and media personnel have been publicly arrested and 'no-knocked'.
  4. Sean the Nailer

    salt bath annealing does not work

    I hope all is not lost, on that opportunity. I'm still watching the tennis match, from the sidelines. I've my own plans in the works, but certain 'life speedbumps' must be achieved first.
  5. Sean the Nailer

    Motivational Pic Thread v2.0

    Ya know, it's all fun and games and hilarious, until it happens to you. In my situation though, I didn't run a stop-sign, I had a green light. The girl in oncoming traffic also had a green light. Except she didn't slow down, AND she turned left in front of me. The car that was beside me (to...
  6. Sean the Nailer

    The new Chevrolet Caprice (PPV)

    Thing is though, one could luck-out and get one of those 'other' cars. You know the ones: They sit (off) at the donut shop for 6 straight hours. Then they sit behind the curve of the service-road whilst the (operator) sleeps off the sugar buzz for an hour. Then for three hours, it 'cruises...
  7. Sean the Nailer

    China is Feeling It

    Not really part of the conversation, but a poignant point of it, in a minuscule manner. There are a number of "cast iron cookware" companies out there. An AmeriYank one named Lodge is one of them. They've been making and 're-introducing' different pans for years. VERY GOOD cookware is...
  8. Sean the Nailer

    Is Ben Carson High???

    It seemed to me, that she was actually trying to address something, and get that same something accomplished. Interesting concept in government work. At the same time, it seemed to me that he was being obtuse, ignorant, evasive, and apathetic. That would be "par-for-the-course" in government...
  9. Sean the Nailer

    Alexa listening to your conversations!

    Ya know, all this talk about alexa and surveillance and whatnot reminds me of that joke that goes something like this: How was your day today? It was fine! I tripped over the cat, and almost fell. The dog laughed, I laughed, the toaster laughed..... I shot the toaster! It was a good day...
  10. Sean the Nailer

    salt bath annealing does not work

    Regarding this SBA annealing and it 'not working', has ANYONE incorporated any kind of agitation to their process? And no, I don't mean you standing there and yelling at things. I'm talking about swirling around/moving around the liquid medium for a more (?) consistent heat transfer.
  11. Sean the Nailer

    Somali attack in MN no news coverage

    You sir, are ABSOLUTELY correct. And that, of them, is just WRONG. They (those who refuse to integrate AND be civil) should be expelled from this continent, forth-with. And how they land, I don't care. It's up to them to pray for an 'over-water' drop.
  12. Sean the Nailer

    Somali attack in MN no news coverage

    I'm not pointing fingers at any particular group. What I am saying though, is EVERYONE, from EVERYWHERE, needs to learn that "this is how life is here in the Western Hemisphere". Our forefathers paid for this lifestyle in blood. It took quite some time to build this society. Sure, other...
  13. Sean the Nailer

    Mattress in a box??? Or stay brick and motor name brand??

    FWIW, some years ago we went to "Sleep Country" which is a chain up here across the country. Paid 'more' for a bed set than I was expecting to pay. More than I've ever paid for a bed before. Inversely, WOW, did we ever get MORE bed than we were expecting. Seriously, very surprised and...
  14. Sean the Nailer

    Old woman destroyed my boat.

    it's not like that is the 'fender' or 'quarter-panel' that is easily replaceable. That is "structure" right there, and how's the inside look? Wiring issues, plumbing issues? It looks bad enough already, I'm sorry to see this. We're actually talking about possibly putting our boat in the water...
  15. Sean the Nailer

    Old woman destroyed my boat.

    Stand your ground, show pictures of condition, family use, and maintenance. DON'T take their first offer, and fight for what is right. I've battled with insurance companies before, and there IS wiggle-room with the correct arguement. Nail them into an honest corner, and there's no holding you...
  16. Sean the Nailer

    Dealing with the Wolf Pack.......

    Their viability towards society is questionable, at best. My thoughts of parting them out, so that others can actually appreciate the organ donations, would serve as a warning and a lesson on "how to act" in society and civility. Those who cross the line, don't have the opportunity to cross...
  17. Sean the Nailer

    "France Does Not Belong to the French"

    For those who didn't notice, I'll re-iterate. Whilst "they" are on the plane, flying,,,, they can look forward to coordinating with folks on the ground AT THEIR DESTINATION for arranging a parachute to be waiting for them. (the trick being they will be air-dropped and when they reach the...
  18. Sean the Nailer

    RUAG bootlegging Prime’s ammo?

    Is it too soon to say "thieves abound"? It seems to me, that a company found a niche, made a product (design), created a market, built a consumer-line, and then it was all grabbed from them by greedy bastards. Now, IF all that I alluded to above is true.... as a community there HAS to be a...
  19. Sean the Nailer

    "France Does Not Belong to the French"

    That's not how this works. That's not how ANY of this works. If they want to act like animals, then then can be treated as such. I suggest air-dropping them back in the country from whence they came. Parachute vendors can be reached and coordinated with on the ground there. It's time...
  20. Sean the Nailer

    Rifle vise for cleaning and general smithing?

    I had put up some pics of the 'cradle' I had built. They were in a few threads in a few of the "old 'Hides" so that's saying something. What I'd made has held everything I've needed it to hold. For well over 20 years. And yes, I too have never been impressed with the 'tipton' or mtm brand...