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  1. atombomb

    *SOLD* SPUHR QDP-4016 - 34mm Quick Detach Cantilever Mount

    I"m waiting to here from the seller now
  2. atombomb

    WTB Area 419 TBAC adapters

    looking for a pair of the hellfire CB mount for TBAC Ultra ..
  3. atombomb

    Sold HellFire Muzzle Brake 6mm

    uggg... I really needed the suppressor apater too..
  4. atombomb

    WTB Labradar Kit

    just buy the bare unit.... get Matt Arkco??? base plate and your own battery setup... they also make an eyepiece for aligning it properly..
  5. atombomb

    Delete sold

    if that's an accuracy international threaded barrel I'll take it
  6. atombomb

    Accuracy International AI AXMC 338 like new ++Price Drop++ $5500

    No doubt, I was going to buy it for the bolt and barrel at that price :)
  7. atombomb

    *Price Drop* LNIB S&B 5-25 PMII LT/MTC Gen2XR FFP

    Just put it on that fancy new Ai you bought :)
  8. atombomb

    Found: RRS BAX15 auxiliary plate for AIAX

    Factory AI gun or the chassis for other actions... I have one for the chassis
  9. atombomb

    Sold Schmidt and Bender PMII moa L/P MTC LT

    based on the part number CCW, MOA and P4FL reticle
  10. atombomb

    Anschutz custom shop 1416 av hb trainer T6M.

    I wouldn't sweat this.... Annie's just shoot, and luckily finding what it shoots well is a cheap proposition compared to centerfire. Plus, with all of the new 22 ammo that's come out recently with the advent of several new 22 competitions, there might be something that shoots even better. I...
  11. atombomb

    Best feeding 6mm

    I love the 6xc with 105 hybrids or DTACS
  12. atombomb

    Tac Ops Drag Bags...EVERYTHING SOLD HERE, Thank You

    mine is posted with my Tango 51 in the equipment section... delta is correct... it's by far the highest quality drag bag I have and has twice the usable features of any bag I have... great job Mike
  13. atombomb

    Xmas in April-Tango 51

    I handled a TacOps rifle years ago, and even though it had seen lots of duty use and 1000s of rounds it was still silky smooth and the fit and finish quality was still apparent. So I looked around a bunch of gun sites, Googled Mike at Tac Ops and realized that to get one of his creations was...
  14. atombomb

    US optics Er-25 mil/mil H59 with USMC rings

    are those 20moa rings?
  15. atombomb

    TBAC Suppressor Mounts

    3rds I guess