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  1. earthquake

    Annealers, please throw your knowledge in. Thank you

    Wow, lots of hatred for the AMP by a few folks here...and lots of love too, I see. AMP is owned operated by a father & son from New Zealand. Both are really great guys and very smart. I've met and hung out with them a few times at SHOT Show. If anyone wants to talk with them in person about...
  2. earthquake

    Need a new hoodie? 3A

    I can't believe I actually clicked that link.
  3. earthquake

    Zero Compromise Optic update

    Got it all sorted out. Scope shipped to me yesterday. Thanks Nick G.!
  4. earthquake

    Zero Compromise Optic update

    I've been waiting for my dealer's shipment to arrive since late February. Getting tired of waiting....tic toc. I have a rifle with no optic and an impending match! Are these just that heavily backordered? Dealer put in an order for them at or just after SHOT. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  5. earthquake

    cronus gen 1 vs btr

    Maybe this will help? Cronus: Cronus BTR:
  6. earthquake

    Badger 34mm rings for sale $90 shipped*** SOLD***

    I'll take Badgers. PM sent
  7. earthquake

    Finally, it’s settled! TY

    Good Lord! I made the mistake of reading further and clicked the first link in that article. This optic was mentioned along with and made the same list as the Razor GenII! What's wrong with this picture...? Vert der ferk? LOVE the cons! THEN WHY IS IT ON THE LIST?!?!!? 🤣
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    Does a true 100% RtZ scope mount exist?

    Thanks for the advice, all good thoughts. I hadn't considered the barrel causing this. I'll keep experimenting and look into all these options and tips.
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    Q for the Aussies: Lush eyewear?!!?

    So I always take an interest in other businesses that follow mine on Instagram. Last night I noticed Lush Eyewear did, and I went to their page to see what they're all about....I see they're from Down-under, cool.....but then in looking at their photos, I'm not sure WTF they're about! 🤣 Is this...
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    Does a true 100% RtZ scope mount exist?

    Looking for a 1-pc scope mount for my switch-barrel rifle that is easy to take on/off during barrel changes, that has a repeatable return to zero. Maybe I don't have a true switch-barrel, whatever the vernacular is for them these days, but I do home barrel/caliber swap on the regular, and have...
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    Recommend a bourbon...

    I like, in no particular order: Bulleit 10-yr Bulleit Black label (cask strength) Jefferson's Basil Heydens
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    New guy from OH

    What part of Ohio? I'm central, just north of Columbus. There are a bunch of us former Jarheads from Ohio here. I inherited some 1903's and a Unertl recently and would like to put some rounds through them this summer. Maybe we can meet up. Our group does mostly PRS type shooting at Rayners and...
  13. earthquake

    Gamer Plates?

    If I had money to burn, I always thought it would be funny to shoot a match with so much extraneous gear that I time out on every stage, just trying to get all set up. 😆
  14. earthquake

    Gamer Plates?

    This whole thing is nothing but a I'm going to game the fuck out if it. Gonna run 2 Numero-Uno bags, a GrayOps AMPplate, sticky Game-Changer, RRS tripod and a tac-table, MPA weight kit, MTU barrel on a 6BR weighing-in at 35-lbs, vertical grips, 14-round magazine...
  15. earthquake

    WTS: Sticky Gamechanger OG $140 shipped

    I'll take this. PM sent
  16. earthquake

    MPA chassis owners

    BA Lite = 1.009" wide measured with Mitutoyo dial calipers.
  17. earthquake

    Official MDT 6BR Magazine Thread

    That's what match I'm hoping mine shows up in time for, too!
  18. earthquake

    Official MDT 6BR Magazine Thread

    Wait, so they're out of stock when I ordered yesterday? Site didn't say that.
  19. earthquake

    Official MDT 6BR Magazine Thread

    Just ordered one. Looking forward to running it in my TL3 Dasher at the Big Dog Steel match in a couple weeks.
  20. earthquake

    SiCo Radius: parts/questions

    Why did they stop making these? I contacted them about the remote trigger figuring they have to have a few lying around somewhere, but haven't heard a damn thing back about it.