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  1. Dai Bando

    Light weight bolt rifle

    Only on Snipers Hide....
  2. Dai Bando

    (SOLD)5 Round AICS Acurate Mag (New)

    I'll take it. PM on the way
  3. Dai Bando

    22 creedmoor load data

    Not suppressed. 3,500 should be pretty easy quite honestly. I started crunching powder up around 46 grains so backed off to the flat spot in velocity just for ease in developement, but saw nothing in terms of pressure that would have scared me off.
  4. Dai Bando

    22 creedmoor load data

    75 ELD-M's 45.5 gr RL 26 ADG 6 Creed brass CCI 200 3,470 fps in a 21" 1-7" GM from Keystone
  5. Dai Bando

    Q made a chassis

    Makes a lot more sense than the Fix to me. Modularity of the 700 with AICS mags and fairly light weight to boot.
  6. Dai Bando

    why did ARC suspend Barloc sales?

    Barloc gets pulled but you can still buy the mags? Makes no sense.
  7. Dai Bando

    WTB Redding Type S FL sizer 6 or 6.5 Creedmoor

    Let me know what you have.
  8. Dai Bando

    Dillon 550C, UniqueTek Toolhead w/Clamp Kit + Foster Micro Seater = No Fit.

    I have a few of the Whidden tool heads and prefer the standard Dillons with the Uniquetek clamp kit and an O-ring under lock ring for seating bullets. Those dang pins get in the way and you're stuck using their lock rings which are too big.
  9. Dai Bando

    6mm Dasher best die's

    Buy a Harrels FL sizer and a Forster Bench Rest seater.
  10. Dai Bando

    75 Amax - 2x 600 bulk packs

    2x unopened 75 Amax 600 ea bulk packs. $190 shipped. No trades.
  11. Dai Bando

    American Rifle Company New Archimedes Action, New Xylo Chassis, and major Mausingfield revision

    Will the Archemedes extractor pull the rim off a cartridge when it’s stuck in a broke ass ARC mag? Ha! Come on Ted, hook us up with a fix on the mags.
  12. Dai Bando

    How long would you store "match" reloads?

    Use Redding/Imperial dry neck lube inside the case mouths to help prevent cold welding.
  13. Dai Bando

    Borden Super Short 6 action

    Borden bump Pretty sweet little action.
  14. Dai Bando

    Neck or fl die, beginner question

    Don't forget to punch the primer out before measuring.
  15. Dai Bando

    Bolt Action Valkyrie

    Can't make this shit up. I had a guy at a match a few weeks ago, tell me (after I told him I was shooting a 22br) "I gave up on that light weight stuff." He said he shot a .220 Swift last year. Me: "Fast twist .220 Swift?" Him: "Yeah." Me: "What bullet?" Him: "55 Noslers." Me: "What...
  16. Dai Bando

    Need some guidance

    Barrett Fieldcraft if you wanna go light. or Tikka CTR if you wanna go on the heavy side. I'd do either in 6.5 Creedmoor, shoot the Hornady 147 eld-m factory ammo and go flatten some stuff.
  17. Dai Bando

    100 Episode Giveaway

    Quality and quantity are tough to beat.
  18. Dai Bando

    Other good podcasts?

    Quite honestly, it's pretty tough to listen to guys ask other guys questions about their opinions on shooting versus hearing a guy that is training guys and knows his shit giving his 2 cents on something. I certainly enjoy aspects of Precision Rifle Media and there is some quality info as long...
  19. Dai Bando

    Redding Type S bushing set - 2 die or 3 die?

    You can make straighter ammo with the FL die.
  20. Dai Bando

    What Die Set Would You Recommend for 6BR?

    I'd do a Harrels sizer and a Forster seater.