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    Need some advice: T5Xi and XRS II

    Looking at the Steiner T5Xi 5-25 and Burris Tactical Elite 4.5-30 XRS-II for my first custom build. Will use in comps and just ringing steel for fun. Are they fairly equal in quality and clarity or is one clearly superior?
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    FC 71 and 308 Win FC: Same thing?

    Was reloading some .308 brass that I thought was all stamped "308 Win FC". Ran across a few with "FC 71". I am normally pretty good with brass management, so not sure how they got into the mix. In any case, I read that "FC 71" is Lake City and have heard that it's comparable to FGMM and may be...
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    Spring Camping/Training event: Recommended equipment

    I have the opportunity to train with some folks this Spring in the mountains of W.VA. Per the syllabus: "This is as much a camping trip as it is a long range shooting class." A brief description of the class: This course is designed for the long-range rifleman focusing on engagement distances...
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    Update: Match cancelled due to weather: Mayberry Game Protective Association (MGPA) .22LR Precision Match - Taneytown, Maryland

    Cancelled due to inclement weather. Rescheduling for either 2/18 or 2/25. Stay tuned. Mayberry .22LR Precision Match Location: Mayberry Game Protective Association Address: *If your navigation can't locate the address, use "Mayberry Archers" as your keyword. Date: February 4, 2018 Time...
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    6/6.5 with largest selection of powder options?

    I currently run a .260, but want to build another rifle. I know I want a 6 or 6.5, but don't really care which. Of course, the number of choices is large, so I created a list of requirements to eliminate the choices. Fire-form = no, good case life = yes, small/large primer = don't care, blah...
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    77gr & RE-15

    Is 23.0gr of RE-15 behind 77gr SMK a safe load? Can I go a little hotter? Going to be sending it through a 1:9, 24" barrel. Also, what depth should I seat? I have Varget too, but I got a shit-ton of RE-15.
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    Carbon XLR torque specs

    I lost my info... Anyone know what the torque specs are for the action screws and hand guard screws?
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    Converting XLR chasis from .308 to .223

    Thinking about switching my XLR from .308 to .223. If both have same action screw spacing, just a straight swap? Just need to get new mags, right?
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    Regardless of the BS...

    I am humbled by the generosity and trust that happens here. I recently entered into an agreement which made me realize that WE are a community, and, I quote: "I trust a long time Sniper's Hide member..." I am not the best shooter, am a NooB in some peoples minds, and CANT consistently...
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    7mm RM... Marginally or significantly more capable then .260?

    Application: Banging steel and running competitions out to 1400yds. Additional info: Recoil sensitive due to neck and back problems. Trying to stay away from the mighty .300WM. I have a 260 and have successfully engaged targets out to 1260yds. She seems to be running out of steam at that...
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    Tikka T3 Lite

    I've been jones'ing for a 7mm for some time for LR steel shooting (+1200yds) 'cause I can't shoot 300WM due to neck and back issues. I have an opportunity to get a Tikka T3 Lite (7mm) for a great price and was wondering what y'all would consider the first upgrade to be? I am guessing the stock...
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    .223 Trainer of just stick with my .22LR?

    I have a Savage TR that I train with out to 200yds. Just wondering if there is any advantage of bumping up to .223 for a trainer? (I have a .308 & .260 that I shoot when being "serious" and drive the 2hrs to get to a range that I can stretch their legs on.)
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    Anyone in Maryland or NOVA with a DTA I can shoot?

    Would like to finger-bang one before purchasing. I'll buy the ammo and treat to a few rounds afterwards at a local watering hole. Thanks, Yoshi
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    Recommendations for a factory 7mm Rem Mag?

    Looking to get into the 7mm Rem Mag, but don't want a custom just yet. Any recommendations on a factory build for steel and comps?
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    Brass that was trimmed too short

    I have some .308 that was trimmed to 2.000. (Not by me) Specs indicate 2.005 as the minimum. Can I still load and use it? The application would be for some zeroing and range work out to 1000'ish? I don't mind having to change my dope with properly sized reloads afterwards if I can get a...
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    Varget recipe for .308

    Purchased a barreled action from a fella at -Model 10 (.308) -Shilen Ultra Match *It's now sitting in an XLR Carbon Chassis He sent me his load recipe and is as follows: -Trim length = 2.015 -OAL = 2.835 -44.25gr Varget -175gr SMK -Seated at .020 off the lands I...
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    ACI, anti-cant or Kestrel?

    Will eventually get all three, but just wondering what y'all would get first as the single most important addition to your accuracy? I am leaning towards the Kestrel, but I do have cant problems as its something I generally forget to check.
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    Digital video camera for capturing trace (vapor trail)

    We are in the market for a new video camera for the family, but I would like to consider ones that can capture the bullets trace pretty good and slow it down enough so other peeps can see it when reviewing. Maybe play around with the output to make so videos for the guys I shoot with. Any...
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    Custom Actions: Integral rail and LR

    When deciding on a custom action myself, I am thinking about the long term use of the action and my tendency to change calibers along the way. The 20MOA integral rail on some of the actions is nice, but I wonder about its applicability when, maybe, chambering for any LR caliber I can...
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    7mm WSM questions.

    Too much rifle for Tactical Comps? Too much rifle <600 yds? As accurate as the 6's? How much will a suppressor tame the recoil? History: I currently shoot a .260 and could only find marginal increases in ballistics with concern to the other 6's. Plus, I want to get into ELR. I know that...