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    6mm BR

    Good question that I'm not 100% sure I have the answer to because I haven't tried messing with it yet. You can adjust the position of the spring forward and back on the follower via a set screw. I'll probably start there.
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    WTS Bushnell XRS II H59

    Great condition with box and factory accessories. Will include Aadland caps. Thought I was in to the H59 until my range trip yesterday where I spent a lot of time with my scopes side by side. Spuhr not included. Was looking for a trade but I snagged an in stock Razor so no longer interested in...
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    6mm BR

    MDT website allowed me to backorder. Says they'll ship in a week.
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    6mm BR

    I have an Accurate Mag with a Primal Rights kit. I shot 12 mags yesterday. Twice my last round nose dived because the front of the follower got stuck. Otherwise it has worked well.
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    6mm BR

    Finally made it to the range with my 6BR today. Brand new 26" Bartlein M24 1:7 twist, virgin Lapua brass, CCI BR4, 105gr Hybrid .020 off lands, loaded with Varget. Best groups were at 28.5gr, 30.2gr, and 30.4gr. 26.5gr-2460,2460,2455,2457,2491 AVG 2464 SD 14.8 27gr-2500,2490,2506,2498,2490 AVG...
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    MPA chassis ? on barrel contour

    MTU I believe ETA:
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    6mm BR Lapua Brass dies

    Whidden Click to Adjust sizer and micrometer seater set is what I use. I love them, very easy to set up and consistent.
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    Newbie300wsm is GTG

    Payment sent promptly with good comms. Deal with @Newbie300wsm in confidence.
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    MDT mags jamming first round?

    @MDT_Josh may be able to offer some assistance.
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    ++Bighorn TL3 Builds++

    No need for gauges though some will use them just in case. Yes, you will need an action wrench unless you have flats on your barrel to use a regular wrench.
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    Cheek riser

    Thirdsies for the Triad. I love mine.
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    Rimfire Optic

    I put an Athlon Ares ETR on my rimfire.
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    35mm mount suggestions? ARC?

    I think both are great. I was just answering the question lol. I regret not grabbing one of the ARC QDs when Eurooptic was dumping their stock.
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    35mm mount suggestions? ARC?

    The ability to mount things to the mount itself...leveling wedge...five bolts that interface with the picatinny rail vs two on the ARC...that's all I have off the top of my head.
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    35mm mount suggestions? ARC?

    Badger has a 35mm 1.5" height Unimount that's a quality mount and not a wallet killer.
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    Altus Rifle Review

    Beautiful rifle! I've been patiently waiting to start load development on my 6BR barrel they spun up for me. My dies finally come in today.
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    Athlon Ares ETR

    Cronus BTR. I've owned two and while I think they're great I don't like it any more than the ETR. I find the Cronus BTR to be brighter especially on higher magnification. That's where it stops for me. The turrets on my ETR are better than both of the Cronus BTRs I had. I'm not saying the Cronus...
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    Athlon Ares ETR

    As much as I wanted to hate the Gen II Razor I found it's actually a pretty awesome scope. I like the ETR but the Razor definitely wins. Like I said, I wouldn't spend the extra cash on a Cronus again now that I have the ETR.