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    Barrel not center of manners stock channel

    Yup that is what happen to me but they turned it around quick.
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    Barrel not center of manners stock channel

    I had the same issue with a mini chassis T4A a few years ago. I ended up sending it back to Manners to have them fix it.
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    F Class matches in So Cal

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    AMMO how much ?

    I usually take about 50 rounds to the range. But more it’s important that you have game plan for the practice session.
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    Last years Deer Hunt

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    Red Loctite for base screws?

    I would use blue lock tight. If it’s coming loose there is probably some else going on that you are not seeing.
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    Defiance Deviant vs Big Horn TL3

    Both are good. Good luck on picking one.
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    Tubb Adaptive Target Rifle

    David Tubb is a really good sales person.
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    What are the essential 700 action mods?

    Sell it and buy a custom rig...
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    Getting on paper when zeroing?

    Look through the bore. There are plenty of videos on you tube.
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    March Genesis - 400 MOA in the Turret

    Glad to see one manufacturing picking up the pace. Let’s see how long it takes others to follow...
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    Broken Atlas.

    Never seen that happen. But email B&T industries I’m sure they can fix it.
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    6.5 creedmoor vs. .308 win for beginners

    Get the 6.5 creedmoor...