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  1. Massoud

    KRG TRG / SOTIC barrels & nut experience wanted

    I think we're set at those we have right now, it would be easy for a 'smith to cut one for you and you could use our barrel nut. We can send them the specs for the threads if you do go that route. Bradu, I think we're the only ones offering TRG barrels, you can technically fit a straight...
  2. Massoud

    KRG TRG / SOTIC barrels & nut experience wanted

    A couple questions I can answer, I'll let others talk about their experience. We use only "best" quality barrels, Currently if I remember we have Krieger, Chanlynn, and maybe some Broughtons left for 6.5CM. We get reamers from JGS and our 'smith dials them in to a max runout of .0002 to...
  3. Massoud

    KRG Bravo Chassis

    We will be looking at the Ruger American at some point, and of course the CTR mag version of the T3 Bravo. For those who don't know, our T1x Bravo (new Tikka rimfire rifle) chassis will start shipping tomorrow the 20th of March '19. Thanks guys. Justin
  4. Massoud

    Kinetic Research Group SOTIC?

    The chamber on the 6.5CM SOTIC's is a SAAMI spec chamber, it's not a custom one like the .308. You might check the chamber for debris, especially the shoulder where the round headspaces. People like the shortness of the AW mags but they actually fed stiffer in the Badger action we have here...
  5. Massoud

    Mag falls out of KRG Bravo?

    The AICS pattern mags vary a fair amount in their size but you should be able to get things to where the magwell is so tight the mag nearly won't go in. Years ago we reinforced the mag catch spring and that took care of mags falling out under recoil typically unless the magwell was just too...
  6. Massoud

    KRG Bravo Chassis

    Thanks guys, keep them coming. Some of this stuff is in development already. I think the minus 1 lb accessory will take some time though ;) Actually we could probably come close with a magnesium backbone but it would be $$$. Justin
  7. Massoud

    KRG Bravo Chassis

    Thanks guys. We do have a forend coming with the Arca rail cut in. We also have a steel Arca rail coming. The Arca forend will have mounting points near the action for a rail or whatever you can fit to that hole spacing, ideally the 2rd quiver. You can put QD cups on the bottom of the...
  8. Massoud

    KRG Whiskey 3 Chassis-Let's See Them

    Also to add in, if you are trying to use Tikka CTR mags in our chassis and you mill out the magwell to fit the CTR mag, you also need either a TRG mag catch or our "TRG Catch Extender" mag catch. TRG/CTR mags lock in via a hole in the magazine whereas AICS mags have a protruding nub on the mag...
  9. Massoud

    KRG Bravo Chassis

    Hello fellas. If there's any accessory type items that you'd like to see for your Bravo chassis, let us know. Thank you, Justin
  10. Massoud

    Has anyone added weight to their Bravo?

    Hey gents, looks like our weighted parts should be available within a couple weeks. We'll have forend options plus heavy bag riders and LOP spacers. Thank you, Justin
  11. Massoud

    Length of 26" barrel in folding stock like a Whiskey 3, MPA, etc.

    The W-3 is 20" from the action face of a Rem 700SA to the buttpad with the LOP in the shortest position. There's about .750" of barrel tenon in an Rem 700SA so total length would be about 45.25" with 26" barrel. That is unfolded (shooting) position. I hope that helps! Justin
  12. Massoud

    1.250" Straight Barrel In KRG Chassis

    It will fit but just barely. If you don't already have the chassis I would recommend waiting a month as we're opening up the barrel channels on them. If you have the chassis, it would be best to keep the barrel a bit under 1.25. Regarding the balance, it will be front heavy in any stock or...
  13. Massoud

    KRG Bravo Chassis

    Are you sure you have a CIP length mag? What is the outer dimension front to back? What action are you using? The LA chassis have two flange head screws on either side of the magwell to keep the mag from going too far up into the chassis/action. The mag height does not adjust, there is some...
  14. Massoud

    KRG Whiskey 3 Chassis-Let's See Them

    Yes same with Bravo and I think even other companies' chassis. That spring clip is just for those plastic Tikka mags and gets in the way. Thank you for your business. Justin
  15. Massoud

    PVA Status Updates: Hancock Rifle & NUCLEUS Barreled Action

    I'm not going to allow KRG to be thrown under the bus here. We are indeed at low inventory on Bravos right now, we're also not the root cause of the delays. I am not going to air dirty laundry or expose business communication and deals in public of course. It would have been advisable for...
  16. Massoud

    Sako TRG / TRG-S M995 Thread **Sticky??**

    Thank you for your business!
  17. Massoud

    KRG Whiskey 3 Chassis-Let's See Them

    For everyone with Tikka's, don't forget to take out the spring that is sandwhiched between the trigger and action before you drop it into our chassis. Thank you guys for your business! Justin
  18. Massoud

    Got my new J. Allen Chassis

    This is the nicest chassis for fit and finish, along with our Habu. It is terrifically expensive to manufacture I am quite sure, that's where the high price comes in. I disagree with their direction on many of the features but no question it is a superb product. Justin
  19. Massoud

    Loose muzzle brake changed POI but tightens groups?

    Our 'smith that barrelled that SOTIC used to work for a large AR company's custom shop. He mentions that the vast majority of accuracy issues there were muzzle device related. That's anecdotal of course because each had a unique set of circumstances but still informative. Glad to hear it's...
  20. Massoud

    KRG Whiskey 3 Chassis-Let's See Them

    Damn fine rifles fellas! Thank you for your business! @DDRH65CM They won't fit in our chassis. They were made for the RACS and Remmy MSR I think. Justin