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  1. jb1000br

    Leupold vx6 3-18x50 Tmoa **PRICE DROP**

    3-18x50 tmoa CDS (non illiminated) Like new except super faint evidence of mounting...project I was planning didnt to happen, so it is without a home it must go. Still has free cds turret cert also $900 plus ship
  2. jb1000br

    Swarovski DS out to 1050 yards! - First hands-on with quick review

    So I stole one of these from a friend who happened to work for Swarovski...and slapped it on my AX 6.5 Creed. I only had it for a few days till he figured out it was missing so I braved the icy, windy cold to catch some daylight and test it out to 1050 yards :cool: It is big and expensive of...
  3. jb1000br

    PRICE DROP...ROCK CREEK Barrel Blank: 31" 5r 6.5CAL 8.5tw

    Another from the project graveyard... New blank, 31" Rock Creek 5r 6.5cal 8.5tw, 1.25 for 7", .950 at 30" (#8 contour) $285 plus ship
  4. jb1000br

    **PRICE DROP**BARTLEIN Barrel Blank, 31" 5r 6.5cal

    Cleaning out the project graveyard... 31" overall bartlein 5r 6.5cal, 1.25 for 6" tapering to 1"@30" 8.5twist $315 plus ship...that's 15% off new price and no waiting
  5. jb1000br

    WTS: 338 LAPUA BRASS once fired...SOLD

    1x fired, $50 plus ship
  6. jb1000br

    WTS: LAPUA 308 BRASS once fired...SOLD

    Gun room cleaning continues... 60pcs 1x lapua 308...40 from Corbon, and 20 lapua factory rounds $35 shipped conus
  7. jb1000br

    How to pick the right scope mount for your rifle...with pics and explaination

    Every day I pair up many rifles and scopes for guys, but to those that dont do this every day it can be a bit daunting with all of the choices. Derek's article below will hopefully make it a bit easier! PICKING THE RIGHT SCOPE MOUNT Enjoy! Any questions or comments let me know.
  8. jb1000br

    Tikka T1x - FIRST LOOK - hands-on with pics

    **T1X LINK - SPECS** The first ones have been delivered after much waiting! Got hands-on them today! I see many custom alterations of this one in the future! *1/2-28 muzzle thread *.860 hole spacing on a flat-top, so it will not take the normal T3 rail (pictured), but would accept a 2 piece...
  9. jb1000br

    HEADS-UP - New Nightforce Models: 4-16x50, BEAST, 7-35, 3-10x42 SHV

    Well, I for one have been wanting a 4-16x50 ATACR F1 for quite a while as I have been running the 42mm since it came out and absolutely love it (as do many others I have spoken with), so I am glad they finally saw the light there! Also seeing the light (lol), they illuminated the 3-10x42 SHV -...
  10. jb1000br

    Tangent Theta Gen3 XR - details and images

    Well, it is nearly a reality for those that have been wanting our friends in the north to come out with a new reticle. All of you floating dot lovers will finally have an option in the world of Tangent Theta! Expected arrival is first Quarter 2019, so I would expect to be able to look thru one...
  11. jb1000br

    Quick Detach Torture Test: AI AX rifle and ERA-TAC Adjustable mount

    AI AX Barrel and scope QD test - LINK TO FULL STORY Check out the results when we decided to shoot groups with my AX while removing the barrel between every shot...then the scope...then both - the last group while taking both barrel and scope off the rifle was pretty incredible I think... AI...
  12. jb1000br

    Accuracy International AX 6.5 Creed + Tangent Theta + ERA-TAC = Magic

    CHECK IT OUT --> AI AX + TANGENT + ERA-TAC + LRA Bipod = BUGHOLES With hunting season over and varmint season close, it was time to remove the 16" 308 barrel and 4-16 ATACR and install the Tangent Theta and 6.5 Creed barrel for some serious groundhog medicine. I tossed back on my Tangent in an...
  13. jb1000br

    Hilarious Review on AI AX rifle for your Entertainment

    Guys, Check out this review -- too funny not to share FUNNY AI AX REVIEW Feel free to post your 300yd groups from your AI with factory ammo so we can show what is possible ;)
  14. jb1000br

    Nightforce - 25th Anniversary Rifle giveaway - incredible promo, check it out!

    Nightforce 25th Anniversary Rifle Giveaway You can get a free special edition upgrade Ruger 10-22 just for buying a Nightforce scope! I must say this is one of the coolest promos I have seen in the industry. Enjoy! Jason
  15. jb1000br

    Christensen Modern Precision Rifle

    Christensen Modern Precision Rifle While there is no shortage of chassis rifles out there, after getting hands on Christensen's version for the first time tonight it was clear to me that they knocked it out of the park on this one. On top of all the right features, they killed it on the price...
  16. jb1000br

    6.5 Creedmoor - Build one in a day - Quickly and reasonably

    Since the 6.5 Creed is taking over the world, many new shooters are starting with a 6.5 instead of stumbling down the 308 road first (though stumbling down that road first definitely teaches you a few things, why not skip ahead a bit!). For those of you that may not want to spend as much as a...
  17. jb1000br

    Peterson brass

    If you have not heard of these guys yet, you may want to give them a look! I predict we will be hearing their name much more in the near future and they will give the big boys a serious run for their money! They have got a lot of things right with their product! Every shooter that I have had...
  18. jb1000br

    NEW Gunwerks Rangefinder - See details on the new one and DISCOUNTS on the current version!

    Gunwerks has claimed to do what no one else has been able to do thus far - match the ranging of a Vectronix Terrapin at an equal or better price!! This could be the answer many have been waiting for! We will have to get some out in the hands of shooters to see how they perform in the field...
  19. jb1000br

    Remington Defense RACS M40A6 "USMC" Chassis - THE REAL DEAL - Finally available!

    These are finally available to the general public - SEE LINK BELOW (Click Thumbnail) for full photo spread showing it in all of its greenish-tannish-mossy glory! Post pics of your builds in this chassis if you got em! EDIT TO ADD - HIDE MEMBERS get a free AICS mag (a real AI one) with purchase...
  20. jb1000br

    another TIKKA CTR 6.5 Creedmoor GIVEAWAY at EUROOPTIC

    Guys, heads up on another free rifle Stainless 6.5 Creed Tikka CTR - you guys hit it up hard last time, so do it up again if you want a chance to win the rifle - 10 days left to get in: SEE LINK NEARBY TO ENTER Thanks! Jason