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    22 Creed / 95 SMK Thread -

    Ya, I may play with R26 later on but I have a decent enough supply of H4350 which should last the life of this barrel. So far I’m right where I wanted to be as far as velocity goes. Launching a .600 BC bullet at 3100 is pretty righteous. I ordered a 22 BR case holder for the Giraud trimmer...
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    22 Creed / 95 SMK Thread -

    Haven't seen a thread focused on launching the heavies out of the 22 Creedmoor so here it be. Just finished my first ladder test, my rig is as follows: AIAX w/ 24" Krieger 6.7" Twist 4-Groove Alpha SRP Brass - 1x fired 95 Grain Sierra Match King Seated at 2.188 to Ogive (.010 jump) Hodgdon...
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    22 creedmoor

    Just shot my 22 Creed for the first time yesterday. I had no clue where to start so I loaded up from 38.5 gr - 42 gr in .5 gr increments of H4350 behind a 95 SMK seated .010 off. I fucked up and left my chrono at home.... the barrel is a 24” Krieger 4 groove 6.7 twist. I had light ejector...
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    Accuracy International Competition Trigger. How do you like it?

    The comp trigger took my AI from being a great rifle to being the best rifle I own. I have it set at #.5 first stage and #1 second stage. Over 1,000 rounds on it and no issues. Would buy again in a heartbeat.
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    Sold - PT&G Traditional Remington 700 SA Hinged Bottom Metal (BDL)

    Sold Black anodized aluminum PT&G Traditional style Remington 700 Hinged floor plate / bottom metal (BDL). Never ended up using it, in perfect shape except for one small nick (see pic). Comes with spring and a short mag contoured follower (can be swapped for others easily). $60 shipped to...
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    WTS - Arcteryx Beta AR Jacket / Black / Large - New

    New, without tags. Arcteryx Beta AR jacket, size large, color black. Owned for a couple months, never worn, it is in 100% new condition. It is an excellent jacket in every way but ended up being a little big for me. I’ll have pics posted up tomorrow. Asking $400 shipped to your CONUS address...
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    SOLD - Microtech UTX-85 S/E OTF Knife - Black / Plain Single Edge

    SOLD Carried for about a month and it sat in my safe for the remainder of the time. Still has factory edge, razor sharp. Only one small mark on the scale (see pic), other than that, it is in near new shape. No box included. Asking $180 shipped to your door. ***Check your laws prior to...
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    2-stage triggers?

    I would say the Bix n Andy 2-stage is about the best 700 pattern replacement trigger I’ve felt. I personally run Timney Calvin Elite 2 stage triggers on my comp rifle and work rifle. They have been 100% reliable and feel pretty good, and they are not too expensive. The Timney has a tad bit of...
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    AI AXMC 22 Creedmoor

    My barrel will be done this week, I can PM you after I shoot it.
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    WTS - Nylon Gear - HSGI / CSM GEAR / ESSTAC - Mag pouches and dump pouches.

    FOR SALE – ****ITEMS ADDED 02-17-19**** I have some extra gear that I’m not using so it’s up for sale. Price, condition and details are listed with each item. If you want something, respond via PM with the number of the item you want. No trades please. Paypal is good to go for payment. All...