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  1. Iamero

    Mcmillan HTG adjustable for R700 SA

    Hey guys, traded the BA so I don’t need the stock anymore. It’s a Mcmillan HTG with the adjustable cheek riser installed by the Stock Doc which makes for an awesome M40A1 style build (see my pic below). The barrel channel is a little larger than M40 so anything up to a bull target contour will...
  2. Iamero

    AICS 1.5 for Badger 2008/2013 with several options

    Hey guys, just changing up my style of stock on my gun and have an AICS 1.5 (non-folder) available in several different options. BiPod and RRS adapter not included but I do have a spare adapter I could sell for $110 (includes picatinny rail adapter on it) 1) as it sits now with viperskins that...
  3. Iamero

    WTB R700 LA stock

    Open to several options but mostly want to trade, or at least do partial trade. Looking for one of the following: - Manners T2, T4, T6, regular or adjustable. - mcmillan A3-5 or A5 (again regular or adjustable) - AI AX post 2014 (this mode only please) - cadex dual strike, field strike, or...
  4. Iamero

    WTB Post 2014 AI AX or Manners for Badger 2008/2013 Short Action

    Just as the title says. I would prefer tan or OD for the AI AX post 14 chassis but would consider black as well. Not considering any other chassis at this time as I already have it in an AICS 1.5 but want to go the AI AX post 14 route or Manners. For the manners (t2a, t4a, t6a, PRS-1 or 2) I am...
  5. Iamero

    Several sets of high quality 34mm rings (Leupold, ARC, Seekins)

    Seekins .92" 34mm 4-screw rings - $95 shipped - SPF Seekins 1" 34mm 4-screw rings - $95 shipped Leupold 1.5" 34mm steel rings (some light finish wear) - $70 shipped ARC M10 1.1: 34mm rings - $135 shipped PayPal FF or add 3% to cover the fees. I will be shipping them all USPS priority. Take $5...
  6. Iamero

    (2) AI 338 CIP mags

    Both are in good shape and used very little. I moved my 338 to a Barrett MRAD platform so no need for these mags anymore. $65 shipped each or $120 for both.
  7. Iamero

    A mix of long range optics

    Parting with the last few spare optics I have in the safe. All are in good shape with very minor wear on the sharp edges of the turrets, etc. glass is great on all of them. 1) Leupold Mark 8 3.5-25 FFP Illuminated Tremor 2. Comes with box but no sunshade - $2,300 shipped 2) Steiner M5xi 5-25...
  8. Iamero

    (Only 1 left) Bartlein barrel blanks (30 cal)

    Hey guys, just a few of these left after I post a bunch of them a few weeks back. Got a count after everything was shipped and used for my own builds and this is what is left: (2) 6mm 7.25 twist heavy palma 5R SS 27" - BOTH SOLD (1 left) 30 cal 10 twist m24 5R SS 27" - $310 shipped each, $300...
  9. Iamero

    Optics sale, safe cleaning continues!

    I have boxes for all of these, they are all in very good condition with only minor pinhead nicks on some of the sharp edges, but hardly noticeable. All were torqued to 18-20 in/lb so if any ring marks are present, they are only faint cosmetic marks. 1) Sightron Siii 6-24x50mm FFP mil/mil...
  10. Iamero

    Norinco SKS in great condition

    Hey guys, not something that I would normally post on these forums but figured I would see if any of you were interested. Just slimming down the safe a bit and this is another rifle that as much as I love, I don't shoot much anymore. Bought it from my coworker who got it about 20 years ago when...
  11. Iamero

    WTS Burris XTR II 5-25

    Ended up with a few spare optics after buying some more off here. Looking to let the extras go. Both scopes are in great shape and come with the box and factory goodies. No trades please. PayPal preferred. 1) Burris XTR II 5-25 mil/mil FFP SCR reticle - $800 shipped 2) Steiner M5xi 5-25...
  12. Iamero

    New Howa 1500 223 Rem takeoff barrel

    Rebarreling and have a couple of these around. They are unfired. - 20” length, unthreaded - I’m assuming 1:9 twist based on their website (only shows 1:8 on the minis) - I believe they call it varmint or semi heavy barrel contour (finishes at .850”) $150 each shipped to your door
  13. Iamero

    WTB Hornady 30 cal 195 or 208 ELDM bullets

    Looking for 200-500 bullets to run in my 30-06. It's throated for these long suckers, so I want to stick to these weights. Let me know what you have! Same lot# preferred.
  14. Iamero

    Spring Custom Rifle Sale - Open to trades!

    Hey guys, looking to move a few of the rifles in my safe in order to free up some room and funds for other projects before spring gets here. I'll post most of the important details about the rifles, but not every one or it would take up way too much room. If you're dying to know the weight then...
  15. Iamero

    WTB AI pattern 223 10 round mag

    Sold all mine before I released I was going to end up with another bolt action 223. Anyone have 1 or 2 10 round mags? I prefer MDT or Accurate unless AI has fixed their feed lip issue. Let me know what you have!
  16. Iamero

    Anyone have a 1.250” OD 30 cal muzzle brake?

    I have a straight taper 308 proof carbon fiber barrel that just got built and I realized that none of my self timer brakes or even the jam nut on my can is close to being as wide as the muzzle. Anyone know of a brake that would be wider than 1.25” in 30 cal with 5/8x24 threads?
  17. Iamero

    WTB 30mm rings sub $100 around .9-1” height

    Title says almost all of it. Need to clear a 50mm objective over a 1.200” straight barrel so something around 1” should be perfect. Let me know what you have.
  18. Iamero

    Extra optic in the safe, need to sell one. Sightron and Bushy DMR II

    Sold a rifle today so I’m one optic rich and don’t intend on building another rifle soon (so I say now...). That being said; two optics are up for grabs and I’ll keep whatever one doesn’t sell. 1) Sightron Siii 6-24 FFP mil/ml with mil hash reticle (floating center dot). Don’t be deceived by...
  19. Iamero

    R700 SA AICS 2.0 folder with extras - $900

    Hey guys, I’ve got a couple spare stocks around so this one is on the chopping block. Great condition AICS 2.0 thumbhole folder with AI FDE skins (the more RAL yellow color). It also comes with a spigot versa pod bipod (not sure if the exact model to be honest). For $50 more I’ll include a set...
  20. Iamero

    Fully adjustable B&C with AR Mag bottom metal for R700SA

    Primarily this was designed to be used with 223 but can be used for other small frame AR platform calibers (more specifically small platform AR mags). Fully adjustable tan with black web. A few nicks and dings so it’s priced accordingly. Hardly used, just been around for a while. Unbedded...