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  1. supercorndogs

    Tips for Benchrest accuracy from PRS style rifle

    What type of rest are you allowed to use?
  2. supercorndogs

    22 Creedmoor 88/90gr detuned to 3100-3150

    I ran a 22-250 with 80 a max at 3100 about like I run my 223 or .308 practicing at the range. It lasted about 700 rounds.
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    Hell In A Handbasket

    I am well aware of all that. But its not a trap. Its calculated move, they didn't fall into shit. They exploited a situation.
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    overhead drone

    I would think that would mean below the height of the trees is for sure a no go.
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    Hell In A Handbasket

    Fall into his trap. I don't think thats what happening at all.
  6. supercorndogs

    6.5 CM barrel fitment dissapointment.

    I wouldn't see it making much difference on a 2 moa gun. Or at least I wouldn't think its the main reason its a 2 moa gun.
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    Meatless mondays?

    There is plenty of protein in fruits, vegetables, and nuts. I think B12 is the problem when you kick all the meat. 1 day a week inst going to hurt anybody. A serving of vegetables is probably beter than the mish mash of TVP and meat they feed. Lets see folk, how cheap can we feed these kids.
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    What are these???

    I mean whats a 55 for, 300y plinking, especially looking at the 55 Sierra HPBT has a B.C of around .114 I think. I have run through 3 or 4k sierra 77 hpbt blems with no problems. I have been through probably 7k blems total and haven't ran into anything unusable for that purpose.
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    What are these???

    The hollow point looks more like the dog town bullets, but I don't think they have a BT version. I ran out to look, all my 55 Sierras are currently loaded. Its been a long time since i didn't have an empty box them laying around. I have had both good and bad luck with seconds.
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    This is the way it starts?

    Someone might get their eye poked...
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    Question on Bushnell glass.

    Yes i know, the LRS 3-12 and LRS 6-24 are two of the scopes that are now the Tac ops line. With the same 4x erector. I had the 2.5-16 also.
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    Question on Bushnell glass.

    I see, with a couple updates and I think they would fair ok in todays lower end budget range. The turrets were decent, and the controls were smooth, glass was ok. I wouldn't trade my LRTS or LRHS for two of them.
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    Never been done before, 100 yard Slo Mo Ballistic Gel Shot

    My 22-250 will shoot those closer to 4500FPS. I used to shoot P-dogs with 40s over 3031 at 4250fps. Messy as that water jug.
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    Question on Bushnell glass.

    Unless they changed the old series, they don't, or at least they don't look like it. LRS 3-12 and LRS 6-24 is what you are talking about correct?
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    Hunting rifle for Elk? Total noob.

    Surface area? Are we trying to start a farm on bullets now? By golly Elk die from a .308 diameter hole, but a .264 diameter hole, well they barely notice. One gushes blood like old faithful and the other reseals almost instantly. Its called Fudd Science, look it up.:LOL::ROFLMAO::LOL...
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    Wisdom tooth removal

    I got all four of mine pulled, I never been the same since...:LOL::ROFLMAO::LOL: The bottom two they pulled after they got infected. Several years later the top wisdom teeth had floated own until they could get caught on my bottom teeth. So I had them pulled before I chipped a tooth on one or...
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    crazy shots!!!! lets hear about them...

    I had a 100 yard 10 shot about 1 MOA with one bullet sideways through the target. Perfect side profile of a 55g dogtown bullet. I was shooting over a flooded range with a bunch of big dragon flies flying around, only thing I could figure is it must have hit one on the way to the target. It...
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    Your description of "Unusable Glass"?

    You get some pretty decent glass even in the 300 or 400 dollar budget scopes. The bigger the erector {not sure if bigger is the correct term} the more degradation you see on the top end. By bigger I mean 5,6,7,8x erectors. So pushed to their full travel there are trade offs. Unusable is a...
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    This is the way it starts?

    You girls need to pillow fight it out.