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    Charge master woes

    My old one was doing the same thing. That was a sign that it was on its last life. Shortly thereafter it died and I bought a new one.
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    Need a new powder dispenser. Help me out.

    So my RCBS Chargemaster finally pooped out on me. I've had it for several years and have loaded some accurate Ammo using it. It started making all kinds of weird noises, Wild speed fluctuations, and started throwing lots of undercharges. At the end it would not throw the entered charge. So I...
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    Lake city brass variances.

    I think it would be overkill to go that far for varmint loads. If you were entering some sort of competition, then there might be some merit to it.
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    Use my Hornady and federal or wait for Lapua?

    I say wait for the Lapua. Work up the load you want with the components you're going to use.
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    H4350 In stock as of 8:53AM CST

    I'm glad I stocked up before the shortage.
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    Brass prep?

    Don't waste your time uniforming the primer pockets. It's a waste of time. And you can skip the SS tumbling and just tumble them in some corn cob with polish. Works just fine and no drying required. Getting the primer pockets spotless isn't going to net you any benefit other than cosmetic. Which...
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    Hornady Precision Hunter 30-06

    Just curious as to whether anyone knows the load for the Hornady Precision Hunter 30-06? My bolt gun absolutely loves that ammo and I'd love to replicate it. Primer and powder are a mystery to me.
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    First GA buck

    I'm stationed in VA but hunted GA last year without any luck. My buddy has a lease in Sandersville. This year is totally different. We're seeing a lot of deer. I had this guy come out last night and give me a quartering towards shot in between the bushes and trees. He's definitely mature...
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    Signs of case head separation after 5 firings?

    I'm using Lapua 30-06 brass and FL sizing it in a bushing die to give me 0.001-0.002 should bump. I'm firing it in a bolt gun. I noticed some abnormal marks on the case and decided to investigate. It was down toward the case head and only on about half of the case. I cut one open and sure...
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    Sinclair Chamber Length Gage question

    So I got the Sinclair Chamber Length Gage for my rifles. I followed instructions and measured the chambers for my GAP-10 in 308 and my Rem 700 in 30-06. The GAP-10 measured 2.041 and the Rem 700 measured 2.529. My question is, how much should I subtract from these measurements to get my...
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    Question: Redding Type S Full Length Bushing Die

    For those of you using this die I have a question. I was sizing some Lapua once fired 30-06 last night and I noticed that the neck is not getting completely sized before the shoulder starts to bump. What I mean is, I can see where the lube ring goes down the neck and it's just shy of the...
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    Mounting solutions for ProChrono?

    I like my CE ProChrono but I've only been able to use it when shooting prone. What tripods will work with this chrono? Any other options for raising it up to bench level?
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    Any Caldwell Stable Table users?

    I was thinking about getting one but I'm not sure it's big enough. Is there enough space to shoot a rifle on a rest with a rear bag? I would probably either fit my Caldwell Rock to the table as a rest or shoot from the bipod.
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    Another 30-06 load question

    I'm currently loading up some 30-06 to test out this weekend. I'm using Lapua brass, H4350, 175g SMKs, and Fed 210M primers. I'm currently at 58.5g of powder and it looks like I'm right at the point of compressing the load. Hodgdon data shows 59.0g as max with no "C". I know Lapua is thick and...
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    Anyone do OCW test at further than 100 yards?

    I'm going to conduct an OCW test this weekend for my new bolt rifle. I was wondering if there would be any advantage to doing it at say 200 or 300 yards? It seems like you could get a better handle on the longer range accuracy of a load and also allow the bullet some more distance to stabilize...
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    30-06 Bolt Gun: How much neck tension for best accuracy?

    Hey fellas! I'm gather up some more tools to try out when loading for my 30-06. I just ordered a Redding Type S FL Bushing die and a bunch of bushings to go with it. I got bushings from 0.330 to 0.337 since this will cover the range of brass I have. My loaded rounds measure the following with...
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    30-06 fired brass. Is this normal?

    I'm just curious because my 308 brass doesn't do this. See the ring towards the head of the case? Is that normal? These were fired from a bolt gun with a chamber cut with a PTG Serengeti reamer.
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    Magnum primers for my 30-06 ammo?

    I loaded up some 30-06 to work up a load. I used IMR 4350, 168g AMAX, CCI 200 primers, and Win brass. I was getting pretty inconsistent velocities and accuracy. An older gentleman at my shooting range who teaches reloading classes told me I should try magnum primers. He said they should help...
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    I think I found a good load for my GAP-10

    I shot this a couple weeks ago with my GAP-10 chambered in 308. All of my groups were pretty tight but this one was by far the tightest. This is a 5-shot group fired at 100 yards. It measured 0.172 center-to-center. The load was: 168g AMAX, freshly annealed Lapua brass, CCI 200 primers, 44.0g...