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    New Zealand Banning Semi-Autos

    in protest of all these idiots giving up their shit i just ordered 2000 rds
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    Gas Gun PRS @ The Arena in Blakely GA

    me too, be my first match. Try to keep the snickering to a
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    Motivational Pic Thread v2.0

    damn pollen up here is killing me. eyes watering like hell
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    Owning a boat

    that little kid was 12 at that time. hes a fishing fool. fought that fish for 30 minutes
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    Owning a boat

    from our annual snapper trip in the gulf
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    Motivational Pic Thread v2.0

    the on on the bottom right got all of them
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    What is a reasonable accuracy expectation?

    this is a group at 1000 with a 6.5 creedmoor. Very calm day
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    Who else keeps a "truck gun" with them?

    American Resistance takedown in 9mm in a backpack with 4 30 round mags, aimpoint micro on top
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    Ballistic X - Group Size

    downloaded it and posted some on instagram. will add some hashtags to them
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    Finally got to get back to the range yesterday

    Ranger Proof Arms chambered in 223 wylde. craddock precision barrel. CMC 2 stage trigger.
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    Building the Perfect Reloading Room

    man what some nice reloading rooms. i had a metal top desk and some shelves from sams club in my old shop. i tore it down and am upgrading to a bigger shop. they just showed up with the metal yesterday. have been trying to figure out what to do about a reloading section in my shop. will be...
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    Finally got to get back to the range yesterday

    Its been raining every weekend for forever here lately. finally got to meet my son out there and shoot some yesterday. trying to get some dope on my AR for a upcoming gas gun match. shot this little group at 500.
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    send my wife up there. She's a fucking bulldog over this shit. seriously, my youngest was bullied in jr high. thought i was gonna have to bail her out of jail one day when a kid stole his book and wanted 20 bucks for it. i'm talking parked the car sideways holding up the pickup line in the...
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    WTB dog training collar

    dogtra makes some nice ones
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    Ruger Vaquero hand engraved, has ivory grips on it now.
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    i know a guy in florida
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    Did you bring the hotdogs? No, I thought you brought the hotdogs.

    guy was from my hometown, his wife went missing a year or so ago. folks around here think he killed her. dude has been on drugs for a long while.
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    The AR15 Picture Thread

    a few of mine
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    We haven't done a rimfire challenge in a while .

    ill print out some targets and get some posted this weekend. supposed to be nice