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    Reasonable group size expectations from an AR

    This is a 10 shot group with number 10 just outside of the main group. Shot by a 20in 8twist Rock River Predator Pursuit @ 100yds. Ammo: 50g Fiocchi .223 This particular box shot another 10 round group @ 165yds that was 1in. It was an amazing box of ammo. Should have saved a few but did not...
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    .224 Grendel vs .224 Valkyrie

    I'd buy my first high end gun JP if the .22 grendel made it's way onto the scene.
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    224 Grendel (224 AR, 224 Predator)

    holdstillplease, how is that .224 grendel going for ya?
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    .224 Grendel vs .224 Valkyrie

    What else is there to report on for the .224 Grendel?
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    Wanting to build a .5 Moa gas gun???

    Hey there wilson, I too have a rock river (predator pursuit) in .223. I've been wanting to convert over to .204 for a lil more accuracy and speed. My question is which is the best way? My upper and lower seem to have a bit of wobble in them. A separate PSA upper fits very tight so I imagine the...
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    Long Range - Hit Probability Analysis

    Ive been curious about the new Sierra 200g .30 cal bullets. How does a .300wsm, 200g (.712) and 2900fps & 3000fps print?