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  1. ykrvak

    Bottom metal

    looking for suggestions on bottom metal that will accept AW mags and will also work with a new haven Win M70 LA. Will CDI accept AW mags? thanks.
  2. ykrvak

    Chassis for Winchester M70?

    I'm looking to dump my McM HTG and restock my LA M70 SS classic . I've been searching the web and have see that MDT claims to have a chassis for it. However, I haven't been able to find anything for a M70 at all on their site. Is anyone making a chassis for a LA M70 anymore? Or am I stuck with a...
  3. ykrvak

    AR Components Identification Question

    I'm not an AR guy so bear with me. I've been considering getting an AR in 308 for a while and recently ended up with one that I wouldn't buy for myself, but it sort fell in my lap. (long story) Anyway, it had started out life as a DPMS LR 308, but now has a Troy forend, small contour Stainless...
  4. ykrvak

    nxs 2.5-10 illumination question

    I have a couple of these and on the older one the illumination knob stops at the point where it turns off the illumination. On the newer one it has two additional settings beyond that, one looks like some sort of half setting and the other appears to be a full setting or something like that...
  5. ykrvak

    Lake City 243win Brass?

    I have a guy wanting to trade me 50 pieces of new LC 243win brass. Do they even make 243 brass? and where would a guy get more. I can't seem to find any mention of it at any retailers. Thanks.
  6. ykrvak

    Wrong section. Moving to Reloading

    I have a guy wanting to trade me 50 pieces of New LC 243 brass for 50 pieces of Win 7-08 brass. It seems like a reasonable trade, but I'm unable to find a source for more of the LC. Does anyone know of a good source for NEW LC brass in 243 win? Not who has it in stock necessarily, but who would...
  7. ykrvak

    In the paper today

    It'll be interesting to see how this plays out.
  8. ykrvak

    shoots WAAAAAAYYYY to the left

    I picked up a 700 243 from hide member about a year and a half ago with the intention of rebarreling it to a 7-08. So, I picked up a 7-08 take off barrel from another hide member and sent it to a local gunsmith to screw the new barrel on. Usually, I send all my stuff to SAC, but I figured this...
  9. ykrvak

    opening barrel channel

    On a Manners stock with the Carbon fiber shell is it possible to open the barrel channel or does the carbon fiber shell prohibit doing so with out damaging the stock? Thanks.
  10. ykrvak

    7-08 shooters

    Did you build you 7-08 on a LA or SA? The internal magazine in the R700 SA seems very limiting for seating depth if one is planning on running the 160-170gr bullets, Thanks.
  11. ykrvak

    What generation is my Glock

    How do I tell the difference between the different generations? I picked a g30 up in a trade and am looking to trade it toward another rifle. The individual would like to know what generation it is. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  12. ykrvak

    CRF Actions

    I'm thinking about completely rebuilding or possibly replacing my primary hunting rifle. It's currently using a Rem 700 action but I'm feeling like changing to a CRF style instead. Other than Ruger and Winchester who has CRF actions? Sako? Also are there any builders out there that have their...
  13. ykrvak

    Alpha mags for '06 based cartridges

    I sent them an email but haven't heard back from them yet. I'm just wondering if they make mags for '06 based cartridges. It says they make them for the 270 on their web site but I couldn't find any listed in their product line. I have a 280 I'm going to get more mags for and I was hoping to...
  14. ykrvak

    trying to decide on an AR

    I realize opinions are like a--holes and I've done quite a bit of reading in this section trying to educate myself a bit. However, I'm still feeling pretty lost as I have ZERO experience with the AR platform and it's various configurations. It will be primarily a winter time carry rifle...
  15. ykrvak

    brass prep upgrade question

    I'm looking to upgrade my brass prep situation and was wondering which way to go. I'm looking at either picking up a RCBS trim mate case prep center or getting a three way cutter for my case trimmer. Has anyone used the three way cutters and if so what are your thoughts on them? Any insight...
  16. ykrvak

    Estate to be settled

    I'm wondering if someone can suggest a good resource for valuing firearms. I'm really looking for older handguns in particular.I have an estate I'm trying to settle and I'm having trouble finding a number of the handguns online to use for comparative pricing. Many of them are older Colt pistols...
  17. ykrvak


    What are people paying to have their rifles parkerized? Just picked up a 700BDL in 338WM and am thinking of getting it done.
  18. ykrvak

    Looking for a factory 77/22 wooden stock.

    I'm also going to put a post in the WTB/WTT section, but that about covers it. Looking for someones takeoff factory wooden 77/22 stock. The rifle is chambered in 22lr. I'm not sure if the inletting for the 22 mag would be different. Thanks.
  19. ykrvak

    77/22 trigger

    I've got a 77/22 with a trigger that's less than stellar. I see there are some replacement sear and spring packages out there for it and was wondering two things. Do they really accomplish what they claim to? Is it something I can do myself, (I'm not a gunsmith) or should I be sending it to town...
  20. ykrvak

    Eye pro fogging

    I'm having a issue with my eye pro fogging up. I'm using the Oakley M frames and if I keep them close enough to my face to see under the top of the frame while shooting prone, the top of the lens fogs enough that they aren't usable. I can avoid this by raising the bipod height which of course...