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    WTS/WTT 224 Valkyrie Complete Upper

    Forgive my ignorance but am I missing your trade list?
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    SOLD OUT : SLR AR15 Barrel gas block dimpling Jigs * PICS *

    I'll take the .625 jig for $25 shipped. Pls send me your pp addy. Thanks.
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    WTS 308 bullets 208 Amax, 178Amax, 175 hpbt

    If by Sierra 175gr HPBT you mean Match Kings, I will take them, 350 count for $87.50 shipped. Please send me your pp addy. Thanks
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    WTB Forster Co-Ax press

    A guy over on Accurate Reloading has one for sale for $218 shipped. I have no affiliation with the seller or know anymore then whats in the ad.
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    Bought a nice barrel from SSDREW. Solid comms, quick ship, well packed. Trade with confidence.
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    WOA SPR 223 wylde barrel, SF procomp, g19/xc1 holster *Prices Dropped*

    Barrel arrived and looks good. Thanks for the solid deal.
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    Big Bore Muzzlebrake Source?

    Thanks PVA but Tony Rumore got me hooked up with exactly what I was looking for.
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    Big Bore Muzzlebrake Source?

    Looking for a source for a .375 caliber muzzle brake for a .850" barrel diameter threaded 3/4-24. Suggestions?
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    WOA SPR 223 wylde barrel, SF procomp, g19/xc1 holster *Prices Dropped*

    I'll take the WOA barrel for 150 shipped. Send me your PP addy. Thanks
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    Giving away a red/white/blue anodized loading tray tomorrow.

    Can I just buy a RWB one? Didn't see it offered on your website.
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    WTB: RCBS Rockchucker Press

    Looking for a used Rockchucker single stage press. Old, new, doesnt matter as long as its functional and is priced right. IM or email please. Thanks
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    SOLD : 3 Boxes Barnes Bullets .416 400gr *Price Drop 2/13*

    SOLD I have 3 full boxes (50 each) of Barnes X Bullets .416 caliber 400gr with cannelure. Barnes item number is 41690. 2 boxes are factory sealed, 1 has been opened for inspection. I would like $135 NOW $120 shipped CONUS USPS Priority for the lot. Thats $.90 each shipped. I seriously doubt you...
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    Forming Brass into a Different Cartridge How-To, Please.

    So I am taking the plunge and getting into .375 Raptor which is .308 brass reformed into .375 and trimmed down. Bullets are from 270gr to 350gr and will feed from slightly modified PMags in DPMS format AR10 rifles. My question is about opening up the case necks from .308 to .375. I have...
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    Wtb: .375 bullets

    Looking primarily for 350gr SMK but will consider 260 and 300gr Accubond and other performance quality projos. Let me know what you have and what you want for them. Yes I can order these online from a dozen different vendors. I am hoping someone has some they want to get rid of and we can do...
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    .308 145gr Tracer Load?

    I have a bunch of FC brass that has 1 more load in them before being left for dead. I want to load up some 145gr orange tipped tracer pulls I found. I weighed a couple and they are far from consistent +- .4 gr so my accuracy expectation has been adjusted according but having said that I would...
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    WTT: Springfield Armory M1A

    Looking to trade my Springfield M1A. Its in the 110,9xx SN range so it has some USGI parts including a TRW bolt and Winchester trigger. It has a NM reamed and lugged flash hider. The Op rd is SAI, as it the barrel (22"). Its currently sitting in a SAI Walnut stock. I will include 2 mags (1 used...
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    WTS: APA Little Bastard Gen 2 Brakes **Both SPF**

    I bought 2 new APA Little Bastard Gen 2 Muzzle Brakes for my AI back in the spring. One is. 30 cal, the other is 6.5mm. Both are 5/8 24. The .30 cal brake has been mounted and has had fewer than than 100 rounds fired thru it. The 6.5mm brake hasn't been even removed from the from the original...
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    Wtb: FN P90 Barrel

    I am looking for a factory FN P90 Barrel. Email please.