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    Dillon, RCBS, and much more! - prices dropped and pics added

    I’ll take the primer flip tray, PM sent
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    Hornady Vibratory Powder Trickler

    So far so good, takes a little bit of playing around with the tube length and speed to get it right. I’m dropping to the nearest .02 pretty quick.
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    Another Criterion Success Story

    Are you using a prefit barrel? What action?
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    A&D FX120i scale need help before I buy

    I don’t know what they could release that would be dramatically better for reloaders. This scale is pretty much overkill already. That being said I really enjoy mine and it makes taking quick measurements easy and repeatable.
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    A&D FX120i scale need help before I buy

    I don’t notice issues with mine. I have incandescent and LED’s around it.
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    Hornady Vibratory Powder Trickler

    That’s what I’m thinking. I picked up a fx-120i scale on rebate, was thinking about getting an autotrickler, but I use a Dillon for most of my loading so I figure I can do load development with this and crank out volume with the Dillon.
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    Hornady Vibratory Powder Trickler

    Has anyone used one? For $40 it seems like a decent alternative to the dandy trickler, as long as it works. I’ve got one that should be coming in on Monday so I’ll have a review if anyone is interested.
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    Which 2-stage Remington trigger?

    I’m looking forward to trying out the new Geissele two stage Remington Trigger.
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    CLR for brake cleaner?

    Peroxide and vinegar works great for dissolving lead, but it also makes Aqueous lead acetate in the process. It’s a nasty chemical that can give you lead poisoning so take precautions and dispose of the byproducts responsibly. It’s commonly referred to as “the dip” in the suppressor community...
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    Hands on Origin/Nucleus at SHOT?

    Short Action Nucleus with 223 Bolt Face Barloc 223 Barrel from PVA, countoured for my AE Supressor AICS 2.0 (got a good deal on this, not sure if I’ll keep it, Manners T2A if I get rid of it) Timber Calvin Elite Nightforce ATACR F1 4-16x42 Mil-C My first custom bolt gun, I’m excited.
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    eBay Discount - 20% off

    Picked up some KIDD 10/22 parts, now I just need the receiver. Thanks for the heads up!
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    Why 223 and 308 are not dead .....yet

    I took it as who cares if you lose a piece of .05 lake city brass, not that he was pushing it crazy hard.
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    CZ-455 Bolt Throw Degree?

    Bolt actions with shorter bolt lifts tend to have heavier lifts as well, it comes down to personal preference
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    CZ-455 Bolt Throw Degree?

    I’d suggest you try out some centerfire actions before making a decision based on a rimfire. There’s a lot more going on with a centerfire than a rimfire.
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    Need to Run a Precision Field .22 Rifle Match - Help?

    Get steel for the far targets, preferabley with some kind of flasher system. It’s hard to ID hits at that distance. The plastic self healing targets can also be a challenge to id hits at a distance. I recommend trying out the targets before you shoot with the same equipment the spotters will have.
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    Why were S&B PMII scopes $2300 a while ago?

    The 5-25 PMII’s appear to still be in the sub $2500 range depending on the options.
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    Hands on Origin/Nucleus at SHOT?

    The Nucleus barloc intergrates the tapered surface into the face of the recoil lug correct?
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    Hands on Origin/Nucleus at SHOT?

    So the $50 upgrade for the Nucleus specific barloc is for the shouldered version not the prefit-barrel nut version that’s in the picture? I know everyone is super busy but could we maybe get a little 3 minute video quickly detailing the different options? I just want to make sure I’m ordering...
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    Choosing a 22lr rifle: 10/22 /w KIDD upgrades vs CZ 455 /w Lilja Barrel vs Anschutz 64 vs Volquartsen Summit

    As far as practical accuracy is concerned a KIDDed out 10/22 is hard to beat, mine will shoot sub .5” 5 shot groups at 50 with CCI SV. I do kind of miss some things about my 455 VPT, but my 10/22 is more accurate, and actually a little less finicky, although I’m sure when I do get malfunction...
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    Bigorn TL3 LTR Frankenrifle Journey Continues... Please help..

    I say get out and shoot it, if he can get it shooting MOA or better I’m sure it’ll suite his purposes just fine. Barrels are consumables anyway.