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  1. softcock

    History of the Hittites (Youtube)

    The Ramses ll exhibit was one of my favorites, And I will check out your posted Link on the Hittites . ....thanks
  2. softcock

    Ok, lets see if anyone has played with this old round - 256 Newton

    I went and tried to find load listing in a couple of my real old Load books published back in the 50's - 60's but I must have tossed them or boxed them somewhere . But the powder they used back then is sub-par with today's new powders, so probably no help anyway if newton was listed . internet...
  3. softcock

    Ok, lets see if anyone has played with this old round - 256 Newton

    quick internet search looks like case head stamped 256 newton Brass is expensive and listed in a few places . but as ( out of stock ) . -- Shooter Forum / 2010 / . talking about load info . also looks best to neck-up 25-06 brass and trim it down ...
  4. softcock

    Ol' Sheriff Rice n' Beans and the Swingin' Beach Pad

    That Sheriff is so fucking greasy . 4 days after verbal outing the Sheriff . a ... ( Anonymous Tip ) .. leads to having marijuana and related paraphernalia . with a Zero prior arrest record he was Charged with Felony Drug Trafficking . also .. With small discrepancies in arrest signed by...
  5. softcock

    ' The Missing ' . Season # 1, and # 2

    ' The Missing ' . Season # 1, and # 2 Watched it on STARZ .. ( amazon prime ) . I watched season 1 last week, and then season 2 this week . I don't know how I missed this one till now, it is really solid, and If your into the good Crime, Drama/physiological thriller . Both seasons 1 & 2 are...
  6. softcock

    Making a dofference one little step at ta time...

    I like lots of Bee's around the place, I don't have a vacant Detroit ghetto lot to keep bee's, But doing my part to feed them and keep them around here . I found an easy way and been planting Russian Sage around in different spots around house property for several years now . The Bee's just Love...
  7. softcock

    NV Helmet, Carry Bags - ( with new changes added )

    Bumping this up again . . I got some good feedback from people on the last few Bags I sold . So I added a couple changes and am putting a few more NV Helmet Bags up for sale again ' at the same price ' of , ( 45-$ each ) .. plus shipping .. and again I would also like some feedback after you...
  8. softcock

    RoboCop Has Arrived

    Even children instinctively know to bully those bolt buckets .... LOL .
  9. softcock

    Why 223 and 308 are not dead .....yet

    - It Loud but It a complement . and moving 200 grain out a .308win @ 2600+ is no slouch . .
  10. softcock

    Why 223 and 308 are not dead .....yet

    - Man you got that Rod looking Pimp like Liberace at the 82 Oscars . .
  11. softcock

    Why 223 and 308 are not dead .....yet

    - OK .. I got to know.. what Load/bullet you have 'stretched-out' there in .308win . most definitely looks like some respectable Longaction feeding going on there with meticulous brass prep. also thrown-in . .
  12. softcock

    RoboCop Has Arrived

    - ..LOL .. No sense risking a firearms felony violation to murder a public robotic informer . Unless your going to frame it on a gang of brothers in the hood . And a 8-guage robot drive-by would gather sympathy for gun hatters and much worse, ammo for journalist . Much easier, I would suggest...
  13. softcock

    RoboCop Has Arrived

    quote: Danger Will Robertson! Yes, that the one - It's a small example of things to come my friend . A drunk beating up a robot parking lot informant is some pretty comical shit . I bet most here on the SHcom...
  14. softcock

    RoboCop Has Arrived

    Not as tough as they look .. -
  15. softcock

    Don't Get Any Ideas, O Damp One

    If he was 'example' a 28 year old I say he is a pretty big fuckup . Not saying you don't need to keep a serious eye on this 14 yr old kids play activities for keeping himself amused , But you know it hard to be mad at him becasue he is only 14 mentality with serious size balls to match...
  16. softcock

    for sale / Ammo Binders ( .223 to .50 )

    BUMP . for your Ammo Management Needs . .
  17. softcock

    22lr Ammo Wax Coatings

    little 'Over Spray' of the bullet lube that gets on the Case . is only reason I chalked it up to be . in the past . I have had 2 , 10-brick cases of the same .22lr ammo but different runs . and had one with and one without the over-spray on Case . It does attract a 'tiny more grime' in the...
  18. softcock

    Harris Bipod "clip" purpose?

    - No shit,....LOL . . Never Knew what those clips were for . I been taking Harris Bi-pods apart for years and taking out leg springs and swapping parts and swivels around with different Harris models and I always wondered and could never figure what reason those metal leg-clips were put there...
  19. softcock

    Ok, give it to me straight....Ruby Ridge.

    - I was always told it was ( 3/32" or 1/8" ) short of passing . It was so close that it all depended on who was holding the measuring Rule off the closed breach-face to muzzle end . but that all water under the bridge now and just hazy obscure history . The history to hang onto and never forget...
  20. softcock

    AR bullet for coyotes...

    much like the Vmax's .. if not caring for skinning Pelts . don't forget the Speer TNT's in the AR, for 'severe impact' on the Coyotes . good accuracy also . .