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  1. DeauxJoe

    WTS: OD AIAXMC s/a package

    2014 AIAX s/a large firing pin 20" .308 barrel w/ AI Break 24" 6cm barrel threaded (208 rounds) Pelican Case Maverick Drag Bag Harris Bipod 3 10rd mags Tab Gear shooting mat RRS Arca rail $6,700.00 plus shipping All major cc accepted +3%
  2. DeauxJoe

    WTS: RWS Built McMillian Tac50 and ammo

    RWS Built Tac-50 repeater action 30" Lilja Barrel Jewel Trigger APA Break 82 Rounds out the barrel. All factory ammo. $5,500.00 plus shipping Additional: Available to the buyer. (Will sell separate if buyer does not want) 50 rounds on 750 grn AMAX 20 rounds of Freedom 750 grn AMAX 50 Rounds of...
  3. DeauxJoe

    WTB: Nightforce Steel City spot

    1 or 2 spots.
  4. DeauxJoe

    Target Vision, anyone have any experience with them?

    Seems like an expensive solution to a problem that I happen to have lol. The biggest thing I would use it for would be ladder test. A lot of times it can be rough spotting 6mm holes at 300 yards. Anyone have experience with them...
  5. DeauxJoe

    FS/FT P.R.S.T Tripod, XB-52DL, Hog Saddle combo

    Plans for this have changed so now its up for grabs. P.R.S.T. Tripod w/ XB-52Dl $625.00 shipped Add Hog Saddle for $275.00 not for sale by its self Trades: Fix-it-sticks 6mm bullets Atlas/Modular Evo bipod {"data-align":"none","data-size":"full","src":"https:\/\/\/qd3XdTB.jpg"}
  6. DeauxJoe

    AICS 2.0 Black Viper skins for Rem S/A

    As the title says. They are used and show some signs of it. Comes with skins, large grip, and Pig Skin barricade pad. $100.00 obo shipped
  7. DeauxJoe

    5.7x28 brass

    Im not sure if anyone reloads for this or not but I have. Couple hundred pieces if anyone is looking. Sent from my SM-G892A using Tapatalk
  8. DeauxJoe

    FSn Rem s/a AICS 2.0 w/Viper Skins and OE skins.

    Rem 700 s/a AICS 2.0 with black viper skins, Hog skin barricade pad, small and larger grip, grippy cheak pad, and OE FDE skins. - $800.00 obo shipped. {"data-align":"none","data-size":"full","src":"https:\/\/\/UfzGbcH.jpg"}
  9. DeauxJoe

    Wtb jae 700 sa

    Anyone out there have one they are looking to part with?
  10. DeauxJoe

    Chippa Rhino .357 200D

    Chippa Rhino .38/.357 200D with spare holster: 750.00
  11. DeauxJoe

    Lets talk knee pads!

    Fellatio jokes in 3...2...1... Serious though. I need a set of good knee pads. Obviously the name of the game is that they stay in place, be comfortable, and provide flexibility and protection.
  12. DeauxJoe

    WTB: Dasher stuff, annealer, stainless steel tumbler

    Just seeing if any of this is out there in the wild used. Dies Trimmer annealer frankford arsenal stainless steel tumbler
  13. DeauxJoe

    Dead Air Keymount Muzzle Brake 5/8x24

    Title is pretty self explanatory. Brand new, came on my Bergara and never shot it. $75.00 shipped and insured.
  14. DeauxJoe

    Timney 510 Flat Rem 700

    As the title says Rem Timney 510 flat right handed stand black currently set about 1.5# $110 shipped and insured.
  15. DeauxJoe

    USO ER-25MPR 5-25x58 MIL/MIL **Trades added

    USO ER-25MPR for sale $1975.00 net to me. Comes with box, flip caps, and tools. Fresh back from USO spa day with a clean bill of health. Trades: Youth 3 gun shotgun I need 2 of them 3 gun pistol 6 dasher stuff {"data-align":"none","data-size":"full","src":"https:\/\/\/t1DDpux.jpg"}...
  16. DeauxJoe

    Manfrotto 322 RC2 + Tripod

    As the title says. I have no use for this guy any more. Works great for a spotting scope setup. $100.00 + shipping
  17. DeauxJoe

    ISSC M22 TGT .22LR Glock Clone

    The M22 exceeds all requirements made one a modern pistol: Highest precision due to bull-barrel match and match trigger Highest security due to five different safeties working independently from each other Weaver rail for mounting laser and light modules Highest quality MADE IN AUSTRIA Highest...
  18. DeauxJoe

    SOLD: Savage Mark ii dressed up

    Savage Mark ii Boyds Stock EGW rail Tac-Sol break Rifle Basix trigger... $300.00 Harris Bipod w/pod lock + $75.00 SWFA fixed 6 mil/mil & rings... + $250.00 {"data-align":"none","data-size":"full","src":"https:\/\/\/ISYgeLO.jpg"}...
  19. DeauxJoe

    Lets talk chamber flags.

    So not exactly a sexy topic but all these matches require this little piece of equipment. I see some guys running around with nice flags held in with bungee cord. Where are these coming from? Any other neat ones out there?
  20. DeauxJoe

    WTB: Beater AICS

    S/a rem, color doesn't matter and I don't need any mags. It's going on a backup rifle so I just don't want to pay new price.