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    Pelican Vault Cases

    I know nothing about these I just saw they were new so I thought I'd put it on here for a topic of discussion.
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    Tell me something about steel targets

    Me and my dad made some gong style steel targets to shoot at, but we have trouble knowing when we get hits or not. I realize there is a similar thread to this but my actual question is do you need to use hardened steel to get the ringing "gong" effect? We just made ours out of some 3/4in plate...
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    Looking into Sitka Gear

    I am in need of some new camo. I've been looking into some Sitka stuff and would like to know what y'all think. I'll primarily use it for sitting in a tree stand hunting whitetails, but also for December New Mexico elk hunts. I looked at the Sitka Fanatic Jacket in Cabela's and I think I would...
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    Mclean Drs Sling

    I just saw this advertised in the NRA magazine. I thought it looked kind of interesting. Is anybody using these, and would they work for a bolt gun? I'm somewhat in the market for a good sling that isn't overly complicated. All I've ever used are 1in leather slings with a single adjuster...
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    New Pig Saddle and Tripod

    I just got my Pig Saddle and PIG0311 Tripod yesterday and first off, I'm very happy with them. Only shot to 100 yards so far but it looks promising. I just have a couple questions. First, when I put my rifle in the saddle and tighten it down, it starts canting the rifle toward the right (the...