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    For Sale Redding 6BR Competition dies

    Selling Redding 6BR Competition 3 die set #58317 includes Micrometer neck bushing die, Micrometer seating die and a body die. This set sells for $254.99 at Midway. Also will include a Redding 6BR full length bushing die #77317 which sells at Midway for $69.99. That's a total of $324.98 which I...
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    For Sale Carbide neck turning mandrels

    I have two PMA carbide neck turners for sale one 30 caliber one 6mm. Used almost not at all. $50.00 each or $90.00 for both.
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    I have 10 boxes all same lot number #5555 $450.00 shipped. 5 boxes $240.00 shipped Post here and PM if interested.
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    Custom barrels and copper questions

    I've had a lot of custom Barrels. Shilen, Kreiger, Bartlein. Usually after a minimum break-in copper isn't much of a problem. I clean after every range session regardless of number of rounds fired. I use Bore tech Eliminator or CU2 copper, and Carbon remover, patching and bronze brushing till...
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    Alpha 6.5 Creedmoor Brass users what loads are you using with 140 ELD-M's

    Had to significantly drop my loads due to less case capacity. Curious as to what others are using. Measuring case head expansion between new brass and after first firing just above the extractor groove is giving me .00178 which still seems like a bit much. What are you thoughts? That's with...
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    Alpha has 6.5 Creedmoor LRP in stock

    As of 7:30 AM they have 18 boxes of 100 left in stock. Get em before they are gone!
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    Need help to get the proper cheek weld on my AICS 1.5

    AICS 1.5, Remington 700 action. Right now I'm running a NF NXS with Seekins .97 high rings. Even with the cheek piece all the way down My Impact Sport muffs interfere. Using plugs and muffs because of the brake but to get behind the scope the muff seems to come away. I really don't want to lose...
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    Barrel life for 6.5 Creedmoor

    New to the Creedmoor. Mine has a heavy Palma Benchmark barrel on a 700 trued action. If I keep my loads sane and don't overheat it, and manage good cleaning practices what kind of barrel life can I expect before accuracy degrades? Does it compare to the .308? Less or the same? I'm sure some of...
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    Berger 6.5 140 Hybrid verses Sierra 142 Match King in Creedmoor

    Can't find the Berger's anywhere but can find the Sierras. Open to thoughts and experiences.
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    Best place to buy a Bix & Andy tac sport single stage trigger.

    Any recommendations? Price is $235.00 everywhere so that's not my concern.
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    Vortex Razor Gen 2 verses Nightforce NXS 8-32 MOAR T zero stop

    I'm up in the air about this so asking for opinions.
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    Field and Cave Outfitters Five Star Customer Service

    I can't say enough good things about these guys. Talk about going the extra mile for the customer. Personalized service and great guys who will bend over backwards for you. I am now a customer for life. Danny
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    Oversized 6.5 Creedmoor chamber question

    Measured Hornady factory 140 gr ELD Match loaded ammunition on the case just above the extractor groove. After firing I measured again. .003 expansion which seems way to much to me. Bought the rifle second hand with a Benchmark barrel chambered I assume to Sammi specs but really no way of...
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    AI spigot wobble

    With the thumb screw as tight as I can turn it I still have wobble when up on my Atlas bipod. I know I can cant the Atlas but the spigot shouldn't wobble. Anybody have a fix?
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    Should I neck turn Lapua 6.5 Creedmoor brass for a no turn Sami chamber?

    Do any of you bother to clean it up to .013 or so? Or would I just be wasting my time.
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    Painting over Cerakote

    Bought a rifle AI Chassis, Viper skins cerakote red ! Not to my taste. Can I paint over Cerakote using Krylon, or do I need to sand blast or just get some new skins?
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    Reactor Brand Watches

    Been looking at these. Does anybody have any experience with them?
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    Range bag recomendations

    Decided to buy a real decent range bag to haul two handguns, two sets of eye and ear protections, ammo, and whatever else I might need. Thought this would be an easy task but after looking at a bunch online and reading the pro's and con's am still pretty much in the dark. Looking at the local...
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    New Nightforce M.O.A.R. "T" reticle

    Which is a finer version of the standard M.O.A.R. anybody compared the two?
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    Where to get Krylon Camo paint?

    I was buying it at Wally World but have checked three different Wal Marts and they don't have it anymore. Suggestions Please.