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    6.5x47 Lapua w/ New Bushnel

    SPF to Cagey Sold
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    6.5x47 Lapua w/ New Bushnel

    For your consideration. This is a 6.5x47 Lapua in an Envy chassis. Other features include an Impact Action, TT Diamond trigger, new Heavy Palma Hawk Hill Barrel ( chambered by Joe Walls) and threaded. Along with the rifle I’m including a new Bushnell (package opened but never mounted) ...
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    We gotta legalize Pot

    Buy more narcan
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    Jeep Rubicon

    Just drove an ‘18 Rubicon Unlimited three days ago. No off-roading but nice highway manners. Bit different than my ‘42. I have previously owned a ‘79 and a ‘10 unlimited. Regarding the ‘10 I felt it was underpowered but the Pentastar 6 seems well suited for the Jeep. It had a trailering...
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    Days like this make me feel that money isn't everything

    If you need tp, you know where to get it.
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    JAllen 6xc

    SOLD Thanks for looking.
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    JAllen 6xc

    For your consideration This is an Stewart built 6xc wth 537 rounds. Melonited Surgeon Action. Jewel trigger. Insite brake. HawkHill HP 27 inch barrel. Comes with one mag. All in a gen 1 JAllen with a rrs arca. 2350.00 shipped conus to your ffl. PayPal ff preferred. Thanks for lookingSOLD
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    Dan Wesson valor?

    Pm me on VBob duty
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    Next step up in optics

    My experience is if it’s not a manf. defect they will not repair it. Offered me a coupon of 40% off msrp.
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    Next step up in optics

    Check Trij. Warranty on their scopes. Just saying
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    Burt Reynolds died 82

    RIP Snarky's Machine one of my favorites also.
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    Show Us Your Toy Haulers

    How do you like the Voltage?
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    Here we go, again; JAX shooting

    Killer lost a game early in this “tournament”. Dudes name was Katz, 24 years old according to Military News.
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    Impact Precision Actions

    They are just plug and play for me. Just picked up a couple more with the same result.
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    Impact Precision Actions

    I’m running a 6bra and 6.5x47 Impacts in Foundation stocks. Both run Arc mags (with MK followers) flawlessly. Both also have 27 inch hv barrels and 419 brakes. It’s already been mentioned how smooth the Imacts are so I don’t need to expand on that. Joe at Exodus built both and these...
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    Berger 185 juggernaut

    I’ve had luck with mr2000,fed lrm in Lapua brass
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    6.5x47 issues

    I’d ? scope first
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    7 SAUM muzzle break

    Recently built a 7saum on an XLR Envy chassis. Weighted the buffer tube. Rifle weighs in at 16lbs . I’m using the Area 419 Sidewinder 30cal. and easily spotting hits at 300yds.
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    EuroOptic Messing With Me

    2018 Kingof2Mile has some videos and in them the equipment used. Might be a good reference.
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    Couldn’t resist. Tried but couldn’t.