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    If you want a dedicated .224 Valkyrie magazine-read this!

    awesome looking rifle-I'd like to hear more about it!!!!!
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    If you want a dedicated .224 Valkyrie magazine-read this!

    I'm building mine-trued Rem 700 LH action from PTG, Criterion Remage 6.5 twist barrel and an XLR chassis.
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    If you want a dedicated .224 Valkyrie magazine-read this!

    If you can think of somewhere else to post this info-go for it!
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    If you want a dedicated .224 Valkyrie magazine-read this!

    Talked to someone at Accurate Mag and he said that they are working on a new insert for the .223/5.56 DSSF magazine that will be made SPECIFICALLY for the .224 Valkyrie round for bolt guns. He suggested that if they had more feedback they might get things done sooner-if the boss gets a better...
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    Stag 9L muzzle thread

    Called Stag today and they said it's one half by thirty six. Very friendly and quick response.
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    Stag 9L muzzle thread

    Have a new one on the way-does anyone know if the barrel is threaded 1/2 by 28 or 1/2 by 36? Not getting a response from Stag online. Thanks for the replies!
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    SR25 triggers

    I have a 6.5 Creedmoor I built using a Remington SR25 lower and I installed a Geisselle SSA-E trigger for PRS and I love it.
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    What is the G7 BC for the Sierra 6.5 mm 130 TMK

    Title says it all. I can find the G1 BC all over the place-spent all afternoon and NO joy on G7 info.
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    What bolt can be used with a .224 Valkyrie

    It'd be nice to build another "Remage" rifle but the odds of finding that rifle in left hand AND then at a reasonable price is probably a pipe dream. I can pick up all kinds of left hand Savages in 243 and 308 for around 250 dollars so I'll probably go that route. I'm assuming that all of the...
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    What bolt can be used with a .224 Valkyrie

    Crap. Well, I can change the bolt head so I guess the next question would be what caliber action to start with-I'm guessing 243/7-08/308 would work? I'm thinking 223 would be too small a diameter?
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    What bolt can be used with a .224 Valkyrie

    I m a lefty and I can pick up a variety of left hand Savage bolt guns for a some great prices to do a barrel swap. I've built five rifles so far using Criterion barrels using both Savage and Remington/Remage setups with better than .4 MOA at 300 yards and I'd like to build a .224 Valkyrie. My...
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    Can I put a DPMS upper on a S&W AR 10 lower?

    Friend picked up a SW AR10 and it shoots LOUSY groups. I said change the barrel and he said he can't because the upper uses proprietary parts. Will a DPMS type upper fit on a SW AR10 lower?
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    Another question on difference between .223 and 5.56 brass AFTER prep

    After firing both types of brass in MY rifle and then during prep, full length resizing and trimming the cases to the same length (1.75) is there any dimensional or capacity difference between the two cases other than what is found because of case wall thickness, etc. ? I'm guessing not.....
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    4451 works great with 130 grain TMK's in my 6.5 Creedmoor

    I've been working up loads for my 6.5 Creedmoor AR with a 22 inch Criterion barrel and I think I can stop looking. Just came back from the range and found that 40.5 grains of IMR Enduron 4451 in Hornady cases with CCI BR-4 primers and the 130 grain Sierra TMK gave me a five round group of .757...
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    should this be "dressed'?

    Here's a picture of the bolt face of my JP "matched" bolt that is in my LR 308 build that is based on a JP 20 inch barrel and low mass bolt carrier. The rifle now has approximately 200-300 rounds down the tube. It appears that only two "ears" of the bolt are making any real contact with the...
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    Is lateral "stringing" only caused by poor technique?

    Started working up some loads for a new JP medium contour .308 barrel/low mass bolt I just built up. I had a couple of loads that gave me almost no vertical dispersion but kinda "stacked" five rounds horizontally at 100 yards. Winds less than 7 knots. My question is: a. does vertical...
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    question about the ladder/nodes

    Can the people that have done the node tests at 300 yards give me an idea of the typical vertical spread you get with 308 and 223 ammo? I'm trying to figure out the size of the target I'll need to use for each caliber at 300 yards to capture all of the shots. My plan was to sight in to...
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    Forster "micrometer neck sizing die" only sizes the neck---right?

    I was able to pick up a set of 308 and 223 Forster Micrometer neck sizing/seating dies off of Ebay for 150 bucks total and they look unused-I'm pretty stoked. The question is can they be adjusted or used to "bump" the shoulders of the cases or can they only be used for sizing the neck...
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    When do you not have ENOUGH bullet seating depth?

    Just got back into reloading after about 10 years and doing some re-learning. I've put together some 168 grn Sierra Matchking loads with 39.5 grains of 4895 which was my pet load in my Model 70 HBV 308-and good to see it still is! Picked up some 155 grn Sierra "Palma" HPBT match bullets...