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  1. Slash0311

    Black Rifle Coffee and Emerson knives combo

    BRCC has teamed up with Emerson Knives offering coffee and logo mug combo. Awesome knives and great coffee.
  2. Slash0311

    Knightfall on History

    Anyone watching? If you don't know, it's about the Kights Templar. It's been keeping me interested so far. Some if the fights are brutal. Id recommend it so far if youre looking for something to watch.
  3. Slash0311

    Other Pro 2A organizations???

    First, I'm not trying to start a thread bashing the NRA. I think we all know their faults. Recently, I've been considering looking at other Pro 2A organizations to join rather than upgrading to the next life member level. I'm a Patron Life Member of the NRA and I've been none to happy about...
  4. Slash0311

    Oh boy, crap in my area starting?

    It's just hit the local news here in Evansville, Indiana. Police shot and killed a man armed with a bat outside the Federal building. Witnesses say two ran away after the shooting. No other details being released at this point but I have to wonder just because of the circumstances. I'll post a...
  5. Slash0311

    Dark Tower... Anyone else excited about it?

    Seeing how things seem quite here lately, I'll bring up the Dark Tower. I've been waiting for the movie ever since they mentioned it. I've read all the books but there's a ton of bazzar stuff in them. They had better make the movie right. Come on Friday!!
  6. Slash0311

    Looking for AR 15 rail suggestions

    I'm starting to look for a set of rails for my AR 15. The only brand I've got any experience with is Surefire two piece that seems to be discontinued. I really liked this set up because it used a set screw to lock the two halves together. Can anyone recommend a brand similar to that? I've...
  7. Slash0311

    Do you have specific firearms insurance?

    I've done some checking. My current insurance company will only cover firearms (theft or fire/flood) up to $5000 with normal homeowners insurance coverage. In order to get a higher amount of coverage, I have to buy a separate policy. The quoted amount was $500/year for up to $25,000 in...
  8. Slash0311

    Recommendation for home camera/security system

    I've been looking for home camera systems. I searched here and found nothing recent. Does any have a system they like or would never buy again? I live in a crazy rural area and don't have home wifi. I'm looking for a 4 camera system with an included hard drive. I'm not interested in an...
  9. Slash0311

    +sold+ Leupold BX3 binos

    ++sold++ I've got a pair of Leupold BX3 10X42 black bino's. I bought them new for an elk trip in 2013.