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    Mil or MOA for my first FFP scope?

    I believe a common misconception is: "I use a tape measure well, so I'll go with MOA"; not knowing that the measurements, while written the same, are not. It's a poorly educated system in the shooting world. I agree that "field" scopes, or "tactical" scopes should be purchased in MIL, due to...
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    Large frame Buffer question

    Bingo. That might be my answer, keep the kit, buy the spring. No can yet, but I do always run adjustable gas block. I'm thinking this addition will be happily welcomed
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    Large frame Buffer question

    @TacticalDillhole , that sounds like solid advice. I do realize that my toolkraft bcg is pretty heavy, and the large frame has a lot of snap when it goes in to battery. More spring (or better one) seems to make sense. Just finished the rifle and ordered a bunch more mags. Shouldve got a buffer...
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    Large frame Buffer question

    Currently the rifle has a carbine length tube and system with magpul prs. Curious about recoil reduction (not that it's a problem), and cycling issues (which are not present) thank you
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    Large frame Buffer question

    Rifle is AR10, .308, 20", 1:10, I dont think the list is necessary, if it is, I will provide it. My question is; would I see a difference in anything if I used a rifle length tube and buffer system, versus a carbine length tube and buffer system? Buffer weights being the same, of course. My...
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    Data / Log books

    Impact. They were out of SH when I bought mine, I have 2 @riflesonly ones. Pre made pages work good to get started, then order your refills to include the pages you use the most
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    Ballistic Advantage barrels?

    I have 2. One 16" SS 1:8 .223 wylde, and one 20" SS 1:10 .308 win. Both or mine are modified, but shoot great. I have, as said already by @Subwrx300, seen gas port "smear" happen with 2 ar15 barrels. One is my current ar15 build, which showed no interruption in accuracy and is gone now; and...
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    AOC's GND!

    Thats a Wicked pissah! Lol.
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    Bipod or sand bags for load development

    Free float handguard, properly installed and torqued: check SS heavy barrel: check StraightJacket barrel system to eliminate barrel whip: check PROPER bipod loading technique: check You're not supposed to try and push the bipod down to your target. "Loading" the bipod is actually minimal...
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    Moving from Massachusetts to Vermont or New Hampshire. Which State is #2A Friendlier

    I live in ME, and would say NH before VT
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    Some PX Thoughts the direction I am heading

    Thank you @Lowlight for not removing the PX entirely. I have only made one purchase, but gained a lot in doing so. I do second any opinion on scammer/shitbag hatred. Nothing I cant stand more than people who expect something for nothing. I like the titles, they're fun. It keeps the hide...
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    Cheytac Rifles --Inaccurate & the company does not support the rifle BE AWARE

    Ha! I read thos whole thing, not even looking at the dates. Shitty situation, too bad Marky Mark is not head of QC...... maybe they could sell a few more. (All sarcasm, never fired a cheytac anything, dont plan to)
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    Harbor Freight Pelican Case Alternative

    Have a friend who buys those Apache cases. He would openly admit to the Pelican being bett, and that hes just "cheap". There is no doubt they work, but I highly doubt they will work as well, or as long, as a Pelican
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    Show me your pelican!!!

    Definitely a bump worth thread. Heres a couple of mine I had photos of. AR case has changed since, and the 1750 is full, the photo was taken after mag cutouts and spray glue
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    Little project ive been working on.

    Damn fine job. Looks solid. I like the minimalist approach
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    Thumbs up. .223 rifle is a very efficient white tail hunting weapon
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    Odds on beer can 555 yards, cold bore.

    Dont own a 6.5 though, so without .308 being a choice, its 5.56 heavies all the way....I'm so excited I just forgot I'm on vacation and want to go
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    Odds on beer can 555 yards, cold bore.

    I will be attempting this when I get home.....
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    Savage, absolute savage. Anyone who doesn't think so; keyboard warrior (aka vaginal slime). Big cats are quite possibly, dry lands top predator. Fucking dude is a lightning hazard with balls like that. I'd be proud to have him on my 6. Unless hes a latte sipping soy boy; then we can chalk it...
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    308 ar bang for the buck

    I have personally had great luck with Aero Precision components. Never owned, but have fired complete setups from them and all functioned as expected. Owned a lot of Bushmaster before that (when they were made in Maine) and could always count on them, dollar for dollar.